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  • Oh, WOW. I posted it on my own page by accident. How stupid of me.

    Okay! Sorry! Well, here it is!

    Brave Nature
    Ability: Cloud Nine (Dream World)
    Gender: Male
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/0

    Egg Moves:

    Belly Drum
    Body Slam
    Sleep Talk

    (Snorlax can learn all three of them by level-up.)

    So, there it is! Hope it goes well!
    Say, Rayce. Would you be able to RNG a flawless DW Lickitung (I'll give the full details if you're willing). I'm willing to pay well.
    On gen5
    Nintendo of South Korea UT Lv1 careful dozes off manaphy

    E4ALL Calm mischievous Manaphy UT Lv50

    Film11 Timid Quick Tempered UT Lv50 Shaymin

    Movie11 Lonely Hates to lose UT Lv50 Shaymin

    jolly Capable of taking hits flawless except in Sp.atk Christmas Victini

    Adamant Likes to thrash about UT Lv100 TRU Regigigas Flawless in HP, attack, Defense Outstanding potential PP Maxed moves

    Lonely Likes to thrash about Relatively Superior HP, Attack flawless UT Lv100

    Modest Scatters things often UT Lv50 PKTOPIA Magmortar Female

    Adamant Highly Persistent UT Lv50 PKTOPIA Electrivire Male

    Relaxed Alert To Sounds UT Lv5 Female Shin Sae Gae Korean Munchlax

    Flawless Modest Capable of taking hits male UT Lv15 Meloetta Sparkling Recital Piplup WiFi event

    Jolly Mischievous SMR2010 UT Lv5 Jirachi

    Gentle Somewhat Stubborn UT Lv51 Pokémon Sunday Whiscash

    Calm Alert to sounds UT Lv5 Shin Sae Gae Female Feebas

    Jolly Alert to sounds UT Lv53 female Pokémon Sunday Tropius

    Careful good perseverance Colosseum bonus disc UT lv10 Celebi

    Bold Strongly defiant UT Lv10 Poke park Celebi had pokerus

    Serious quick to flee female UT Lv50 pokemon Sunday octillery

    Rash quick go flee UT Lv10 MYSTRY Mew

    Serious highly curious UT Lv10 MYSTRY Mew

    Jolly quick Tempered UT Lv10 Aura Mew

    Mild likes to thrash about UT Lv50 TRU male dragonite

    Naughty likes to fight about UT Lv50 Ash pikachu

    Naughty often dozed off UT Lv50 Ash Pikachu

    Brave alert to sounds Mystery egg TRU event self obtained on white OT: Mew ID No. 24298
    I am interested in your Distant Land shinies what you want for them? I have some shiny flawless not in my shop and a few events on my gen4 game, I also have an UT Lv1 I think Korean Manaphy, calm nature, got it from stressbuild who got it from a gen4 shop
    When will you mods learn? You're not all-powerful gods that can get away with whatever the hell you want. You preach so much about omg obey tah rulez or dai yet you abuse those rules yourself? If Serebii actually gave a damn most of you mods would be demoted for abuse of power. Until that day when ya'll straighten the hell out, well, damn this site to hell!
    LOL. Anyone else watching this spambot?
    Neh. It's 24 trainers each time to get the shadow Pokemon. But the last round of trainers before getting Scizor, got Pokemons in lv60+. So it takes a bit more time to KILL THEM, that's all. =]
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