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Recent content by Raymond - king of ducks

  1. Raymond - king of ducks

    Shiny Trading Thread

    I have a new shiny Mudkip. It was just a lucky hatch in OR while I was in the process of breeding kips, so there are no egg moves and it has torrent instead of damp. Male ?/?/?/?/31/31 IVs, standard pokéball. I'm not after anything in particular but a master ball would be appreciated. Pm if...
  2. Raymond - king of ducks

    Hidden Ability Trading Thread

    LF female hidden ability Rockfuff, ivs/ball/moves unimportant. Could offer something with useful IVs, PM me.
  3. Raymond - king of ducks

    IV Bred Trading Thread

    I have seven 5IV timid male Zoruas available. All are in premier balls and have one egg move: extrasensory. Anyone who is interested, message me if you want one. I'm pretty much giving them away, but useful breeding parents/ items etc. Are appreciated.
  4. Raymond - king of ducks

    IV Bred Trading Thread

    I'm looking for someone to breed me a 5IV cubone. I'm only a little ways into Moon but in exchange I can give multiple 5IV pokémon and/or event pokémon in xy/oras. I've also got a shiny 5IV glaceon obtained in gen V through the RNG. PM me if you'd be willing to help me out with this.
  5. Raymond - king of ducks

    Zold's Sun and Moon Breeding/RNG Grounds (Flawless Ball Bred HA Pokémon and Ditto's!)

    Was after an Adamant Cubone (Moon Ball, Lightning rod) / Timid Alolan Vupix (Female, Moonblast,Snow Warning, Dive Ball) / Jolly Mimikyu (Premier Ball). That's great news for me about the hyper training; I can relax now.
  6. Raymond - king of ducks

    Zold's Sun and Moon Breeding/RNG Grounds (Flawless Ball Bred HA Pokémon and Ditto's!)

    Mister Zold. I'd like to use a few IV bred pokémon for my first playthrough of Moon so I don't end up boxing my team as soon as the game gets pokébank support- At the moment I haven't started the game and everything I have for trade is on my OR version. I have several IV bred (5 perfect stats)...
  7. Raymond - king of ducks

    *Revamped RNG Discussion/Help Thread [Do not ask about Gen 6 RNG]

    Many thanks. I hadn't planned to go for a shiny (I like the standard colours) and already have a timid sync. pokémon so getting the right IVs is all I really need, given that gender/abilities don't vary with Latias. I'll get right on it. So. I've spent a few hours playing around with RNG...
  8. Raymond - king of ducks

    *Revamped RNG Discussion/Help Thread [Do not ask about Gen 6 RNG]

    Question. Suppose I've never tried RNGing before and wanted to try for a 5IV Latias, specifically the one found in the White2 dreamyard. What would be the simplest way of doing this with a minimal amount of fuss?
  9. Raymond - king of ducks

    American Politics: THANKS OBAMA

    Because they believe Obama can do no wrong. He's mister wonderful.
  10. Raymond - king of ducks

    RNG Trading Thread

    Have: Timid Suicune, with 31 spa/spd/spe IVs. Other IVs sans attack are very high (outstanding potential) but I can't measure them exactly because of effort values. Want: Timid Latias or Latios (preferably Latias) with 31 Special attack and speed IVs, with all other IVs (minus attack) being...
  11. Raymond - king of ducks

    United States Gun Control: Gun Control = Fascism Everybody!

    Semi-automatic rifle =/= assault rifle.
  12. Raymond - king of ducks

    North Korea

    Yes, the North Korean people are brainwashed, but there are elites (Or, rather, the elites of elites) in the government and army who are completely aware of their own reality, and the outside world. Some of these men would do anything to preserve their positions, and are in fact capable of...
  13. Raymond - king of ducks

    North Korea

    If Kim Jong-Un had tried to dismantle the forced labour camps etc. as soon as he got into power, he would have been assassinated by the government. Assuming he really does want to improve the country, he'll have to bide his time. Unfortunately, many features of Kim Jong-Il's North Korea will...
  14. Raymond - king of ducks

    Obama Vs. Romney: 2012 US Election

    So, you're saying untempered religion causes people to become totally insane? Surprise, surprise! Also, the crusades were justified.
  15. Raymond - king of ducks

    #447 Riolu / #448 Lucario

    Have: Dreamworld Riolu/male/adamant/31/31/31/?/14/31 Want: Other Pokémon with multiple 31 IVs, events, reasonable offers. PM me if interested.