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  • Gee, I wonder what difference there'll be in BW2's government. For one, more Gym Leaders and a strange lack of older characters (from the scans) is bugging me, plus the rival's hair looks like he took styling tips from Cameron Diaz from that one film.
    They inexplicably hire ten year olds to solve the job for them while they carelessly stand by.
    Maybe Alder pays Grim with a bed and breakfast, not being able to pay him with money out of fear that he'll gamble it all away.
    Um, um, er, Alder and the E4? Though if it were, there'd probably be a surge in Game Corners.
    Well, I'm pretty sure they know that all kids think the government's a load of bollocks, when I was younger when the news came on my mind turned off at the name of a TD being uttered.
    Unova has a government? Alder and the E4 aren't in charge of everything?

    If they were Grimsley'd fock up the economy 100%
    Oh goody, you do know of FFXIII-2. But even though he's seven, I don't think the region's laws for getting a trainer license have it as low as that age.
    Yeah, but he wouldn't be ten, would he? Unless Ash was unwittingly travelling through the Historia Crux while away from Hoenn, it's doubtful that it could happen. :/
    You get ND vibes from Hoenn? Coincidential.

    I think Hoenn's more tropical than magical, though that's mainly out of it being moar accurate (fff I have a pic for this on my PB) rather than putting it down. Remakes should be imminent, maybe after BW2's finished up with (yet Ash still isn't in Gen VI's region? Le phoque?) Ash and Cilan should bro up with Max and have fun times around Hoenn for reasons only the writers know.
    Pfft, I see people glorifying Snivy over Leavanny for it being a pure Grass type. PURE TYPE IS MASTER TYPE

    I wouldn't like to think that there aren't many May fans, I prefer to think that they keep to themselves and therefore are more approachable than, ahem, the Misty fans. The Dawn fans might look similar but I find them to be very nice, after some, ahem, altercations. May's my favorite aswell, I can't explain why but I've got major Napoleon Dynamite (my favorite film) vibes from Hoenn in general.
    Saying that, neither should Sceptile. Leaf Blade + Dragon Claw was all I ever needed in Emerald, seriously.

    Where are the May fans, anyways? You don't see too many of them on PAD in contrast to the Misty and Dawn fans, 'tis a shame.
    They made fun of my well trained Lv. 100 Mudkip. Mudkip made fun of their Pokemon's lives.
    I am Elice_Carol and I approve of this message. *also a May fan*
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