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  • Welcome back! :D

    It's probably for the best that you don't visit that thread, as it will definitely start more fights, and make you permanently banned.
    Well the clock on the computor says the 11th....prolly a glitch or something >3<
    10:11am right now, and I'm from brisbane (well, exactly redcliffe but whatevs....)
    O-O' Maybe its just coz its to freakin rainy and cold to go to school today and I don't really go on the computer at 9:30 in the morning -_____-' my bad....
    Tis Monday the 11th of october down here, and lovin it >wO
    Awww, shux! ^///w///^
    Well now you have :3 nurp, you ain't boring *ponts to last post* you is random, see ^-^
    and by the way, what are you doing up this late! you should have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head by nao! >3<
    Daaaw ^-^ seriously!? well its not all its cracked up to be unless the person wants to be with you, not who they want you to be (eg; my old bf wanted me to be a cow -______-'') I mean, we both like pogeymanz and animes and stuff, and even though I boring as turd (freakin swear filters >.>) and you're as random as a pink Parasect burping Remoraid it's still cool ^-^
    Actually....a while now, ever since you started saying how epic the old FSJAL thread was coz I was doing it....and then in the fsjal social group, when you said I was gorgeous....I really got into coupling pokémon and drawing shipping pairs x3
    M'kay ^-^ I just can't get the things on his head right....and I mean....you, me and calico all liek mudkiepz....pweeez can I scrap calicos costume and make you and him teh kips of mud?! ;^;....
    -has lightbulb moment- we shall nao all be cosplaying as teh kiepz of mud ^-^ that'll be alot easier than trying to to draw calico as a manaphy yet still make him manly >.>
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