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  • It's amazing D8

    fihdsf that's a hard one, I love the Sue Sylvester Shuffle, so I think that's my favorite one. That or "Hair"
    Haha, I have all the albums now :B

    oauhfsadufh I am a huge Gleek. I have a tumblr dedicated to the show, I had a twitter over the summer that was too.

    It's schmexy :{D
    The important thing is to make sure people think you're a gentleman with the first impression. After that, it's okay to hold hands like crazy. Without gloves. >D

    Okay. I'll just dial up old Romanovich right now then, since you obviously have nothing to hide. But before I do, Colonel von RayRaystein, drop that pistol! My cell phone doubles as a poison dart shooter! I've got you covered!
    I used to, but when I found out she was afraid of emus, I realized it wouldn't work out. And I'm too cheap to spend that much money on a girl without a promise of after-dinner action. No hand-holding, no deal. Yes, I am a hardcore lech.

    Oh, I can read and pronounce complex chemical nomenclature with the best of them, but there's no in-depth knowledge of industrial chemical applications underneath that situationally useful talent. Frankly, I'm astounded you know so much about diazonaphthoquinone. o_o

    Hey, as long as it makes sense, it isn't a problem! =3
    Why is it sad that I am asking for just one ticket? =(

    I think things through way too much. I'm pretty impressed by your response, even having stumbled over "diazonaphthoquinone initiator," but the most interesting thing I have taken away from your reply is the fact that, for some reason, RayRay, you bought 700 boxes of RayRay masks...
    Clark Gable? Oohwee! Where can a body get a ticket to that performance? 8D

    I am currently wondering whether the mask itself leaks something or whether it merely allows the face behind it to leak something. In either case, I am also highly curious as to just what is being leaked... o_o;
    Adversity was only annoyed that Yoda's courage measured greater than his. But Yoda is all zen about it, so he's cool.

    Do they make prosthetic faces? Can I get mine to look like anyone/thing I want?
    When it's Yoda, it's not molestation; it's awesome.

    I need them constantly. Don't you? And cool, I've never had a 'man' before! (Lol, that sounds so uncouth XD)
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