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  • Alright I guess, my sugar has been a bit high lately, but I preordered X and have enough money to pay it of, so its 50/50, you?
    "The DLC item "Cat tower" Is now avilable at
    participating Best Buy locations using Nintendo Zone hotspots! from: June 30th - July 13th."
    I simply want to know if painted Demonite Bricks will glow in their painted color. That will allow me to make faultless pixel art if so.
    Redigit himself stated that the 3 hardmode bosses were lazy rehashes of existing bosses. In the 1.2 update he plans on adding new bosses with unique A.I.
    I learn by example. When I look at buildings I keep an eye open for little details that look neat. Then I emulate those details in my own works, building upon information I've already acquired previously, making bigger and better works with each passing month.

    Got a fun little tip for you. Lava and sand can make an interesting light source if you drop the sand into lava.
    About two months ago I almost did the map's spawn by myself. Not fun. Especially when working with sand, one of two blocks in the entire game affected by gravity.
    The spawn for next month's map appears to be nearing completion. It was easier having 4 people working instead of just one. It's also quite huge. I put a lot of attention to detail.
    Haha. Crick's just being used for art/fossil storage and to get multiple items from Redd. And I figured if Blathers wouldn't take the painting, I might as well use it xD

    I hit you with a net several times and rampaged through your forests with an axe :B
    If anyone (and I'm not talking about any individual in particular) causes problems, I'll edit the first post and add a Wi-Fi blacklist. Actually, I should edit the first post anyway to include links to the official AC site and various other tools.
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