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  • Thanks for relieving my friend down there...you seem like a good person to have around!
    Thank you for telling Dragonmasternic to quit it, because I didnt want to get involved in something with someone who would get so easilly irritated as to report me because I was posting barely frequently on his page. :)
    Oh okay, I apologize for anything I did, or she did. Just don't blame me for things she said. Anyway, the RPG is closed for now, I might re-open it later on when there's not as much trouble.
    Thanks for the tip, as you can see I already closed the RPG. And would you be so kind to elaborate on how I was using favoritism?
    Oh. I suppose that they're put into use to add "flare" and variety to forums, but obviously, with that comes the irritating cost of newer members spamming to get the next bar in line.
    Well as I said Dan it is up to you if you make one, and if you do I bet alot of people will apreciate it, since it is easier to direct people to a thread that has the information they need, since you know I dun think it's in the advice thread, and you wouldn't have to make continuous examples unless you wanted to ofc.
    Hey Dan, why don't you make a guide for writing scripts? I mean you seem to know the most about them, what's proper and not, which is what.

    Tho they aren't that common so, guess it's up to you really.
    I just left a "visitor message" on yo mother's "profile"

    Oh snap, you just got seeeeeeeeeeeeerved! *flys away on the magic schoolbus*
    Hey everyone, I know it's slow going in The Ultimates, but it'll start moving along soon if we can get through the exposition part of it.
    cool, cuz i made my own RPG and the sign up is getting pretty popular, you think you could check it out? [/trying not ot sound needy/spammy]
    I was wondering if you were thinking about starting up a new RPG?
    Haven't done one in a while, so I'd be interested if you had one you were thinking about.
    Just saying :D
    XD. Now see I would be lying if I said I didn't get the idea from the films title.

    When I first saw the poster for it in the cinema I misread it as being the Damned Unit....

    So I used it XD
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