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    Things that grind your gears!

    I'm somewhat bothered by the fact that there are only five active threads in this forum,. and there's very little to actually 'discuss' in any of them.
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    Serebii.net turns 15!

    It's ok, I have a stash of
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    Serebii.net turns 15!

    There are members of this forum who weren't born when the website started. Way to make us all feel old.
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    Future Forum Styles Discussion

    I made all the themes, so thanks!
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    Ben 10 Omniverse Story Arc 7 *Potential Spoilers*

    If Osmosians aren't an alien species and are just a genetic trait of humans, then what does that make Aggregor? If I remember correctly, he made a lot of references to being an alien, and having energy absorbing abilities. Was that entire arc of UA made up or is this a triple cross?
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    How lovely. We don't delete accounts. Try praying to God maybe he'll do it for you.
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    Downtime - Our Sincerest Apologies

    Command+R is refresh as standard (the equivalent of Ctrl+R on PCs) Ctrl+Alt+E in Safari to empty your cache, or go into the settings and do it through that for Chrome
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    Downtime - Our Sincerest Apologies

    1) This is great, because the last time there was a downtime it's because I broke the templates :/ 2) Typical sales teams, only working 9-5 on weekdays. Lemons. 3) Two days downtime is really nothing if you were a member during the great server outages of the past, where the forum would be...
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    The RPG Forum Winter Ball 2014

    The bright lights of the port bathed the city in pockets of gold, green and purple. Slateport City, the port where people and Pokemon cross paths was decorated from the start of the Bike Path to the lapping shores of the beach. Banners hung from every conceivable edge, candles and open flames...
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    The RPG Forum Winter Ball 2014 [Take 2]

    Name: Dan / Dantoo Age: 25 / Unknown Gender: Male Species: Human Porygon hybrid Personality: Dan is considered unique amongst hybrids, as his body is a perfect meld of human and pokemon, but his mind is not. He possesses his original human mind and personality, but also that of the Porygon he...
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    The RPG Forum Winter Ball 2014 [Take 2]

    In times long forgotten, in the darkest reaches of myth and legend, the people spoke of a gathering. A union of minds and souls from across the multi-verse. The meeting would take place beyond the reaches of time, space or reality, a place where these things meant nothing, night would last...
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    Much appreciated!

    Much appreciated!
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    When did the website open?

    The website has news dating back to December 2000, though the oldest news story is a generic story and not a typical "hey welcome to my site" thing, so it probably went back further than that given that the oldest updates include Nintetales3001 quitting, and he updated the site for longer than...
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    Have you ever beat a Pokémon game with a type-based team?

    I beat Red (the original) with a mono-team of each type, with the exception of Dragon and Ghost since there was only one of each type, and they were practically unobtainable until too late in the game to make a difference. Bug was exceptionally hard, I had nobody to trade with so had to use...
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    Would you wanna be able to drive a car in a Pokémon game?

    Pokemon is aimed at teens. You can ride a bike from the moment you can walk. You have to be almost an adult to drive a car. How long would a route have to be to warrant driving a car along it? Would you need to buy fuel to maintain the car? Would you be able to drive it around the inside of a...