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Razor Leafeon

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  • Nintendo's been giving Mario and Zelda too much love lately. There has been two Mario RPGs within a year, Four Sword Adventures (I think that's the name), Twilight Princess Remastered, Hyrule Warriors, to name a few, in an otherwise almost empty catalog of first party games. I really hope the third party support is strong for the Switch this time around. I've always been a Nintendo fan and always wanted them to do well. I hear Pokemon Sun/Moon is selling really well though! :D
    ...People still don't know what the Wii U is. I still have no idea why their marketing/product development team thought that would be a fitting name for a console. A new Metroid game is sorely needed. F-Zero would be a splendid addition for a Switch launch - the multiplayer component would be fantastic and a great game to play in public environments like the Switch ad cleverly promotes.
    Apparently they're some Portuguese dessert snack. I would have imagined the dish to be of Hawaiian origins. Eating a malasada is on my to-do list next time I visit. I shall name my Cosmogs Nebby!

    Most AAA games come out right before Christmas but Nintendo's been mixing it up lately with their big releases coming out in the Spring (Zelda, Nintendo Switch), so yay for people like me who want to enjoy new games throughout the year. If the rumors about being able to play Pokemon Sun/Moon on the Switch are true, that would be pretty awesome. Not sure how the experience would differ much compared to playing on the 3DS though. My hopes is that playing on the Switch is a huge improvement compared to playing a Pokemon game on the "New" 3DS. xD TBH I wouldn't be surprised if people actually bought that handheld a year ago thinking it was a next-gen system.
    LOL now that you mention that it's probably for the best that I started out with a name I'd only plan to delete later. It'd break the immersion factor for me. xD Yea I tried to rush through the game as much as I could whilst enjoying it. Too many good games are coming out this month. Arguably the most crowded gaming month for me in recent memory. I won't mention you-know-who! Except that now I'm tempted to try a malasada next time I visit Hawaii. :p
    Nice! I have both versions so I took longer to get through the story than most diehard fans. I'm pretty tempted to do another replay on one of my versions. Lillie really grew on me so I might delete my file and start all over just to set Lillie as my official trainer name. xD But that's gonna be on hold for now... FFXV will take up all my gaming time very soon. :DDDDD
    Hi! No worries, don't feel bad. I'm usually on here to trade, look at the anime boards, etc, and I'm not the most active forum user either. Lately I've been having a blast with Pokemon Sun and Moon. The game exceeded my expectations. It might be early to say this but I think this gen will end up being my favorite in the series thus far. I love pretty much everything about it - the characters, story, music, etc. Don't worry I won't spoil anything xD
    Hi! I just want you to know that I'll be changing accounts permanently in accordance to the Serebii.net forum rules, and largely due to the appreciated understanding of a fellow moderator. I just want to tell you that if you wish to remain friends with me, please feel welcome to add the new account that I will be using, which is -Lillie-. Thanks!
    Oh. Well, you can tell I've never used it then. Thought it'd be like Skype in that you have to install it. :p

    But alright, I'll get to it.
    I don't have Discord set up. And will I HAVE to use my voice? I kinda can't, and I wouldn't if I could anyways. :l
    your request has been made please pick up your avatar banner at lunar subterrane graphics and thanks for choosing my art shop leaf :3
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