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Razor Raven
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  • Hello. I am a newbie here, and I want to join the ASB. I have read the threads, but I am confused. Please direct me on where can I post my squad. You know, better be safe than sorry. Tnx.
    Long time no see. I kinda died off for a while there, sorry about that.
    Anyway, how's it goin? And..er..it's been so long, do you remember me? xD
    I was looking back through the PASBL team submission thread to get an idea for how long ago it was updated, and it's been almost two months. Could you please update?
    Heh, thank you, it seems I chose well xp

    I am well, and you?

    (Apologies for the delay, when I first tried to respond to this, Serebii crashed, and I've been distracted since ^^; )
    I see, Razor is the only thing. Raven is a CVCVC pattern, you would want something to not only match that, but the unique letter in the 3 character slot and alleteration. You also want something that describes the raven, razor is a perfect choice.
    Anyways, how are you?
    any person that knows the word Mundane and can actually use it in a sentence correctly deaserves an award. Hmmm....I have no shiny trophies though. I'm not that into phsyical sports, unless flipping and cartwheeling everywhere like a monkey count, so I'm the type of knowledge person.

    I do like that poem though. I love ravens, in San Fransico we never get any, but when we do at school...everyone flips out cause it's an omen. Sheep. Infact when you messaged me, I was in school discussing the poem. We are reading the road poem by the Emo Robert Frost. Serisously when I go to a fork in the road, I flip a coin. And Romeo and Juliet which is BORING. I swear the teacher says "shh" 127 times each class. I counted. And she just repeats like a crack parrot, I can probably recite the whole damned play if I felt like it. And when she stops teaching she dispalys there boring movies....ughh.....

    How annoying, curse this 1000 limit to the damned Chuck-E-Cheese.
    Hey there, just checking but did you get my reply to parts 2 and 3 of the refferee test? It's been a good week or so, I thought it might have not sent, unless you've been busy. ^^;;
    Hi razor. I know your busy, but would you mind taking a look at my reff app? its in your PM box entitled "Re: part 2" and Re: part 3". Sorry to bother you, but i really want to reff :p
    Same to you, old buddy. 'Scuse the late reply, haven't checked this thing in a while xd; How was your holiday?
    I'm doing okay and you, Raven? (I forget your name) Everything is going as well as I can control it. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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