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  • yeah, I'm really lucky I guess to have moved up here and met her, plus the Scotish accent just makes her sound so cute at times. She's really good with Kari too so...I have no idea why she loves me as much as she does but...she's just amazing.

    Sorry, obviously I still like to rant on about stuff :p
    very...boring actually. I'm still with my girlfriend Jenni and when we start college next year she's actually offered me to move in with her but I havnt decided yet. My lil girl's been in hospital though recently, just a little infection though so she's fine now. My MSN's being alittle funny too so it doesnt wanna let me log on and stay logged on.
    heya, wow seems like ages since we last spoke (probably has) but anyway, my internet was knocked down in my area so dozens of people have been within the internet for a month or two so...yeah

    anyway, how've you been then?

    you need a, umm... on the tip of my toung.. the own snappy clothes and big brown couches... phyciatrist mabey... something like that.
    Its not that hard to keep up, I don't get a lot of free time, well maybe i'm lieing a little, but I don't post as often as they do :p

    I just make my posts long and that will be what I may have for the day
    You Can't get ivolved in the fight sorry but please don't kill the grunts who are on the way to us just don't get envolved in the fight
    I thought it was about two? Oh well, nice to see you haven't changed to much during these few years :3
    Meta, Merry Xmas. Will you be using the internet to escape your family again this year?
    Frank? He's cool; he keeps the little kiddies away :3 I meant to change it back to pika being threaten by gun after halloween but I cba
    Hey, I haven't forgotten about you. I just don't want you to think I ignored your suggestion, lol. I'll get to it eventually. ^_^;;; Thanks!
    "Bestest friends with Jay Star, Flygonrulz, Skeith, pokemonbreederchris and crystalzephyr"

    *Gasp* I'm the last one of your bestest friends whos still active on this site :O Do I win a prize?
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