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  • Oh, the nature is more or less random for entralink pokemon.

    In your case you could just use a synchronizer to get the correct nature for your Cobalion.
    thanks for replying to my thread. i making a thread where everybody tells their FC for Pokemon HG/SS. Make sure to see!
    Yeah, it'll get a lot easier for you, so all you have to do is keep at it!

    From what people have told me, it's not actually the hitting the seed part that's particularly hard, it's getting the right nature.
    I didn't use to care much about my FB, but then I took an arrow to the knee. D: And yeah, having fun! Though can't wait to go back to college soon.
    Oh, after you master hitting your seed, it's a snap. At least it was to me. Ive been rng abusing for probably three months now, and I have no problem with any of it. (Haven't tried Entralink abuse yet though) :s
    The only thing about wild captures is you have to take into account encounter slots, which adds a whole new dimension on captures, especially if you're doing shiny captures.
    Yeah it is, what I mean is just some random seed to practice with while you're searching for a good seed for Cobalion, then since you've practiced and all, you'll be able toget it first try.

    You might have to abuse your TID for a flawless shiny Beldum in the Giant Chasm (if you plan on catching). And regular catching is easier than breeding IMO, but catching shinies is harder than breeding, if that makes any sense lol.
    K, I'll send it in a moment.

    And you could actually practice on something easy to catch, like a Woobat. Once you get the hang of it, then you can aim for Cobalion as a non-shiny, and most likely hit it. (I'm only suggesting non-shiny because it'll be easier to find a seed)
    If you want I can pm you the prologue, all though it's not publishing ready yet.

    Ah, are you going for a shiny, or just regular?
    I love you for saying that. I've always thought this but I've never had the balls guts to say it. I've realized that in every trade forum, there's a certain group that basically controls the entire trade section, and everyone else is just a pawn to make them look good.. or at least where I've been.
    And it filters down to even the common traders so that people just looking to complete their dexes need to offer shinies or earn points or all that other jazz.

    If I ever found out one of my IV bred or EV trained/level 100 Pokemon was re-traded several times over, I'd feel honored. Not cheapened. I'm all for people having access to as many Pokemon as possible, and I try to help in every way I can and wish more would do the same.
    Oh well I was gonna get some shut I its like 2:08 in the morning and i cant battle when im sleepy but we can def tommorow
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