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  • Hey I was wondering if you had an extra Hidden Ability Swirlix or Slurpuff that your able to trade me? I can offer PP ups or other pokemon in return! My friend code is 2853-1073-4382
    I'm interested in trading for a female Unaware Wooper or Quagsire. I have a few decently bred Pokemon to offer in return: 5IV Timid Helioptile, 5IV Archen, 3-4IV Timid Noibat with Switcheroo. Please let me know if you're willing. ^_^
    Hi, still have tinted lens hoothoot? preferably a female (male works too) with at least 5 31 ivs if possible. need it to breed an xmas present

    edit: also, what nationality? prefer not english but i'm open to it.
    Hidden Ability Scolipede

    Could I have a female one? I don't have much to offer but I can get you a Pokerus-infected Pokemon if you'd like that.
    Sorry. I forgot that sunday for me would be monday for you. we can try again if you would like? i am very sorry about this.
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