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  • Ah, too bad.

    I can pretty much gurantee I'll never be on during the day, and I'm not on long at night either. This place pretty much bores me now, with the few obvious exceptions.

    Dunno, because we can I guess. Been doing it ever since I was last home, but now it seems to have stopped.
    Yeah, it seemed to slow at around Christmas. Now all there is are people posting numbers or those annoying little Pokemon sprites.

    They're thinking of raising it to 20 here, I think (it's 18 now).

    Typical -__- Well it's a cake that says happy birthday.
    We don't have that here because when for example someone loses his job they get money from the gouverment so they could still pay for their things. But there are always exeptions, like illegal people who can't work themselves so they let their children work for them.
    Well, easy, they have to get a job. And sometimes, the parents are willing to pay 50% of the costs.

    Huzzah for Biology!^w^
    Well, that's just how it goes over here ^-^;
    There's the Theoretical lessons, the Practical lessons, Theoretical exams and Practical exams. And it all comes along to €1200.
    And that's when you do it good. If you fail your exams, you have to pay €500 each time to redo the exams.

    Be sure to drink a lot of water, because an hangover is just a big dehydration. Your liver uses a lot of water to cleanse all the alcohol from your body.
    Yep, 1 lesson costs about €50. When you're done, it would have cost about €1000.

    Haha, yeah, I guess everyone kinda just want to know how it feels. If you still remember it:p
    Hope you get cool presents. Or a lot of money^_^

    Hahaha, yep, alcohol tend to let people do crazy stuff. That's also a reason why I don't want to drink XD

    Nop, not allowed here. Well, they can teach it in a theoratically way, but I'm not allowed to sit in the driver's seat and give gas and stuff.
    Yup, that's how the storys go, you need to learn to drink it. True, they really need to up the age limit to 24, or at least 21. Because if you drink before you are 24, brain cells die. And no, I won't start drinking on 24, I will never start drinking^_^

    But, ey, you guys are able to learn to drive when you are 16. AND, your parents can teach how to do so, so it's a bit even there.

    You got any nice gifts for your B-day?^_^
    Happy B-day Raz!*B-day hug*Saw you turned 21 and that you drank your first legal beer. I was able to do that last year. But I hate alcohol, so I didn't^_^
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