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  • encore lasts for 3 turns after used...sooo... i wouldve beaten it anyway. and you cant complain about hax on my side. sir, you shot off 5 thunders from jirachi, a parahax on one, got 2 crits, one on rachi and one on.....someone else, and i didnt even get lucky with iron head.

    but it was a good game ^_^
    Anyway, don't get the wrong idea. It's not the loss I mind. It's the attitude (even if it's just implied).
    GG again.

    And again, let's save it for the next match.
    It started with your comments after the league match, and now it's more of an implied cockiness.
    I would not have kept Durant in to be hit by an aqua jet. But it's all said and done lol. Let's save it for the next match.
    I thought so to, but you're cocky attitude is shining through once again lol. So I brought it up.
    Anyway, GG. I look forward to the next match.

    And I'll ask again, Same teams next time? Or a different one?
    I went for hone claw on that third HP. That would've allowed me to take a large chunk of your team with that poke lol. And I still had several other members to use by that point after he went down.
    And remember what I said as for the gym match, I also used 3:3 and didn't counter so things were totally even. It was also a haxless match, from what I can remember. I normally limit things to a GG with people, but based on the things you said to me after our league battle...combine with the fact that you deleted my posts in response to them, it seems that you're cocky and need to be not down a peg.

    So forgive me if I'm coming off as an a sshole.
    The chances of it missing actually increases each consecutive time you go for it. So no, it was less likely to hit on the last two.
    Either way, it was a GG. But there's no arguing that hax were in your favor.
    I want it to be clear to you that hax were in your favor this match, but GG.

    Alright, it can wait. Same teams next time, or no?
    GG. Never said that one mattered. There were hax at play that did though. And there were none from my side, to speak of, so how about a rematch?
    You also hit three hydro pumps in a row. And I'm doubtful that you're positive. Show me the calcs.
    But yeah, three hydro pumps hitting in a row. That's pretty uncommon. At least it is, in the matches I've had.
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