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Recent content by rckstr

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    Pokemon X & Y In-game Team Discussion Thread

    Thinking of removing Blaziken (too easy with him) Lucario Greninja Charizard Tyranutrum Heliolisk Suggestions for final slot?
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    Teams you made that you will never forget :)

    Genesect Latias Tyranitar Landorus Rotom-W Terrakion
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    <<Pokemon BATTLE CITY>>

    Taking Mew
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    Name Change Thread - READ THE ENTIRE FIRST POST

    Current Username: Rockstar19958 New Username: rckstr
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    Anything and Everything Shiny - 2.0!

    Didnt feel special, I have 3.it's just a bunch of different colored pixels.
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    <<Pokemon BATTLE CITY>>

    Okay..... how would that have made you win when I had a terrakion and Arceus could still beat your Togekiss.
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    <<Pokemon BATTLE CITY>>

    I was going to win the first one too.How could you possibly win the first one? And even if you would have won it would have been because my Arceus was not Rock.Making your win invalid. And I also like how you counter team in the second battle with your Rindo Berry lol.
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    <<Pokemon BATTLE CITY>>

    Won, Im taking Swampert
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    Magnet Risers

    leaving 10char, still be on xat and all
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    Serebii's DPP OU Tourney

    haxxed Snype pretty bad so I let him go next round instead
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    I'll give you Espeon and Arcues Rock for Lucario and Deo-s

    I'll give you Espeon and Arcues Rock for Lucario and Deo-s
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    Team America Vs. Magnet Risers

    I lost to Peachy in two good games.
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    <<Pokemon BATTLE CITY>>

    in 10chars
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    The Battle Dungeon - Eranu™

    Confirming gg
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    Serebii's DPP OU Tourney