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  • Hey, I've still got that fully ev'd Jirachi to trade to you for the Jolteon and Ferrothorn; message me when you're free to trade ^_^
    Just to say, I've got that Jirachi fully trained for our trade. Would it be cool to trade for your Jolteon and Ferrothorn?
    hi your naive shiny wishmaker jirachi is hacked. these are the 9 natures that can be shiny: bashful,careful,docile,hasty,jolly,lonely,naughty,serious and timid
    The Ric Registeel isn't pokesaved its an RNG from Gen3 from someone who had a pretty nice frozen frame speed or wahtever its called, I don't suggest asking for Pokesaved pokes as it makes ya look bad just some helpful advice plus I don't think pokesaved pokes are legal since its a program used to 99% of the time used to lake illegal backs
    Yeah, the flawless/near-flawless with a good nature to boot on an un-RNGable event? I'd definitely be suspicious.
    Oh you got that Jirachi yourself? Then it's fine. ^_^
    Only two other things strike me, 10th anniversary events cannot be RNGed so if your 10 ANI Celebi is flawless then it's hacked, also, I'm a little concerned with your shiny Jirachi, only nine spreads can be shiny (although I'm not sure if Naive is one of the natures, but it has a possibility of not being hacked as all nine spreads have lackluster IVs so don't count it out yet).
    Alright, I'll double-check, but there are 31/31/31/x/31/31 and 31/x/31/31/31/31 spreads for other natures in 3rd/4th gen but only a few boast 31's across the entire board.
    It is, it's just that there's a nature restriction for stationaries in 3rd and 4th gen, and that only a few natures could be shiny flawless and Careful didn't get the cut.
    Alright, it's that Shiny flawless for Careful nature isn't possible to be RNGed before 5th gen, and seeing as that Registeel has Seismic Toss (3rd gen only) it's hacked...
    Reagan, how did you obtain this?

    Registeel (Level 100) (Shiny)
    Careful Nature
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Evs: 252 HP 252 Sp. DEF 4 DEF
    [Thunder Wave] [Seismic Toss] [Stealth Rock] [Earthquake]
    You know that's a hack if you do that right? Anything not done in-game or from an event is a hack, why would you want hacks?????
    Thank you very much ^_^ I'm one step closer to my goal of collecting all OU's I'll probably throw you another CMT some time talk to you then ;)
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