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  • I looked at your SU for AJ's RP. Your character looks like he could be the closest thing my character has to a friend. XD
    Quick Question: Do you have any preference on a name for Callum's father? Going to go ahead and fill in his spot on the family tree.
    Reads: "Worldwide event". *facepalms*.

    Anyways, no problem. I've got a lot of time on my hands, so I'll just rewrite it.
    Can I be a gym leader's child? Did the super-drought only destroy Hoenn, or EVERYTHING?
    Oops, I didn't spot that about the Groudon age thing.

    I'm definitely changing the history, then. I have trouble imagining Vern as 50 years old.
    By psychic powers, I mean just manipulating shadows. That's all, nothing like levitating people into the air and slamming them with psychic waves. It's just changing the size and shape of the shadows cast by stuff. Used for stealth and intimidation, that's all.
    Thanks. Figures he can't use a sniper rifle, so he'll be more agile with a knife instead.
    I'll leave that choice up to you but Bags will make fun of your Furry companion if you choose lucario haha.

    Shout out to Grampa Schade and his sadistic stories.
    Same here. I kinda dislike its design, but at the same time I like it. I either hate it and don't include it, or I use it and love it.
    Should put that in the SU or something then.

    God, I miss grandpas weird sadistic stories.
    Eeeh, Vault Boy! I have a pop-figure of him in my bookshelf. My character will be heavily influenced by the games, and there will be references to my gameplay everywhere.
    Initially, I thought of Lucario, Steelix or Pyroar. Though Haunter fits pretty well too. Might upgrade to Gengar tho. I assume they don't use Pokèballs?

    "Then I remember they all died, haha". out of context, this could be my old gramps talking about his friends from youth.
    My guy will be from Fallout 4, and if you read up on his backstory, you can see why it needs some tweaking. + I have no idea what Pokemon would be fitting my kind of character.
    (I play Sneaky-mode all the way, and a lot of sniping)
    Groudon ruining the world with its heat / Nuclear bomb irradiating everything. It is a compelling plot!
    Didn't even need a master ball. Just sending out my punching bag of an Altaria to keep its health in check and catch it with whatever pokeball i have on me.

    Believe me, it is basically Fallout with Pokemon. My character will be solely based on my character from Fallout 4 in appearance and personality, though I'll tweak his age and backstory.
    Or, y'know. Throw a master ball at it and be done with it. lol. #LifeInOmegarubyWasEasy
    One valiant 10 year old faced off against the beast in hopes of calming it. However, they failed and were eaten.
    I can never play through Omega ruby again.
    I definitely will. I wanted to post about 5 drawings but when I tried putting it on Imgur, it didn't do it correctly and they all ended up being really freaking huge. Not sure if I'll post more in the thread or not.
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