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  • You can make an avatar with items you don't own. If you scroll down on the avatar page, there's a big button that says "What if I had all the items"
    Oh, there's one thing I meant to correct in your SUs. Osric is from Arcaea, which is actually NOT part of the Seven Kingdoms, and is actually just a huge landmass island thing. Xantas is a necropolis.
    Hey do you know a link I can use to create a trainer's look? I know it's like Rimarugames or something?
    Shampoo Thief, i'm not doin or sayin these things to condescend or patronize you, i do this because from one stranger to another and as much as one stranger can for another stranger, i care about your image!
    is there nothing i can do or say that would change your ideology for this one matter at least??
    the only think you should be a sham of is
    ashamed of what you represent!
    you cannot go on doing this, its not healthy!
    OKay okay, think of it this way. Let's say you DID start buying your shampoo instead of thieving it...

    With this newfound identity of yours; Shampoo Purchaser, Fans of Shampoo Thief would rejoice! Put yourself in their shoes for a bit, let's say they're in a public conversation and are asked "who are you fan of??" to which they respond but quickly cut themselves off "Shampoo Th-..!"

    why would they do this though? cause being a fan of a thief is bad taste! BUT, if you were to become Shampoo Purchaser instead, they'd become ecstatic! More then willing to speak of their fanaticism towards you and your "identity"! Then you'd be on the cover of Time Magazine and everything!

    "Serebii User Shampoo Purchaser tells his hair secrets and reputable shampoo sellers"

    all u gotta do is run on down to your nearest hair salon and bam! you're there!
    do not fret! for instead of simply identifying the problem and leaving you without a solution, i'll go one step further and help u out! the answer is thiisss...

    then, once you lather that sweet release unto your hair your scalp and every individual strand on it shall be brimming with the justice and nobility that is the feeling of properly bought hair products! you may not believe me now, but every day i thank the powers that be that allow for people to experience such bliss~

    and you can to! so what're u waiting for??? :000
    I dunno man, that kind of basis is something that could very well leave a person split decision-wise. Seeing as good hair is good and the stealing is bad, objectively.
    And ends being split makes em split ends!
    but these products in question are taken from others
    surely great hair at the cost of others isnt so great after all!

    well i'm NOT your dude, man
    Yeah u steal shampoo though?? i bet your self-conscious about your hair!!

    well im not your pal, guy
    Hey, one of the people who reserved hasn't turned in a sign-up yet, so we can move you up to the regular party on The Endless World! You won't need to be an LSU.
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