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Last Activity:
Apr 14, 2019
Jan 5, 2009
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The One and Only

ReaperNeku was last seen:
Apr 14, 2019
    1. the ash man83
      the ash man83
      I don't know if you're going to read this, but I'll do it anyway. if you are going to restart the WSC or something similar, me and a few others think that you should do it ASAP. The thread you created has also drawn people who can help run it if you need help/can't do it yourself. Either way, you need to post your plans, which I'm presuming you have as the thread creator.
    2. Elecktivire
      Hey may i use your Entei Sprites for my UserBars? i will credit you it.
    3. Kecleoshrew
      How are you my amigo?
    4. Kecleoshrew
      Hey man. How are you?
    5. Light Venusaur
      Light Venusaur
      I clicked your eggs & fed your Aron...can you return the favor again.
      I'll edit this once I've got my Giratina.
    6. Ryubane
      Oh, BTW, thanks for the Poffin you gave me on your sprite thread. By the time I got around to look, it was all dry and stale because it had been sitting there for a few days. Still, there was an OM NOM NOM the likes of which you never heard. XD XD XD
    7. Dserj
      you did glasses and bandage and stuff alone?
      i newly replied to thread
    8. Dserj
      the custom sprites you do on your thread,are you gonna continue doing them,its fine if your not
      where you got your profile pic from? O.o
    9. Light Venusaur
      Light Venusaur
      Thanx for doing that for me :)
      Feel free do do them anytime you feel like it
    10. Light Venusaur
      Light Venusaur
      I fed your Monferno & Prinplup.
      Could you feed 2 of mine....or click the 2 eggs plz.
    11. Dserj
      hey are you gonna continue makin other custom sprites? O.o
    12. hunter battle blade
      hunter battle blade
      soz about using ur thread but im knew here and i didn't know how to make my own
    13. Kecleoshrew
      yep ^_^

      how're you?
    14. Kecleoshrew
      heya. hows you?

      may i use Nazuta and your other WSC entry (once youve made it, and bearing that i like it) for Obsidian?
    15. Dserj
      oh ok,its fine
      i just wanted to see if you were still doing them
      but its fine,and can you send me the link to it so i can put it on my sig when you do it,having problems :/
    16. Dserj
      hey do you still do fusions?
      i made a request in your shop,your fusions are awesome btw
    17. Insidious_Dreamer
      Hey dude, just a reminder...

      Please do not vote for yourself in the polls. It is against the rules. Consider this an informal warning. I will have to disqualify you if you do it again.
    18. JerisEnigma
      AH! Thanks for the background! :D
    19. Kecleoshrew
    20. Kecleoshrew
      is it okay for me to use the Bagon Alt. Evos for something else in Obsdiian?
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