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Recent content by Red Ryu

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    Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX (Japanese Version: Contains Spoilers)

    Am I the only one who felt they ended it just fine? It wasn't perfect, but it at least didn't do something stupid to end the whole thing.
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    Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's discussion #2

    The animation looks better than GX's. It doesn't look that bad at all, sad to say better than GX, but again I'll wait and see.
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    Meat-eating Vs. vegetarianism

    The point is being an omnivore is much healthier than being solely a meat eater or a vegetarian. The point I've been trying to get across is that neither side is more moral than the other for eating meat or eating vegetables. We use our brains to get food we can use them to determine what we...
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    Oh, Naruto, is there anything that you can't make stupid kids do?

    Well, this shows some kids are pretty stupid. You have to admit though, we all did near stupid things at young ages without thinking about it.
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    Teenager's Threat video with Naruto Quote Leads to Arrest

    I thinks most people don't like pure fanboyism due to the fact it causes most people to act/think irrationally. Most fanboys will like something calling it the best thing ever without thinking about the actual content. Your one of the exceptions being able to look at it rationally while...
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    Is BLEACH better than Neon Genesis Evangelion?

    Actually yes thats exactly right. It's like thinking the seventh pokemon movie looks promising, but then the ending turns out to be complete crap.
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    Teenager's Threat video with Naruto Quote Leads to Arrest

    Well in that case, there is a good reason for them not to use them to animate all of the time. Shame, some of the Naruto animators are really crappy.
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    Is BLEACH better than Neon Genesis Evangelion?

    It is, if I gave off one. I really haven't said one was better than the other, I've watched Bleach, but until I actually see this in it's entirety I can't form a solid opinion. If I did it would be rather stupid like saying, "I've never watched One Piece, but I think it's crap, DBZ RULES!!!!!!"
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    Teenager's Threat video with Naruto Quote Leads to Arrest

    I wish they didn't rotate out animation directors and just used the one who does the Digimon movie like animation. Despite having some problems with proportions it looks really good with the high frame rate.
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    Why does everyone hate America?

    Iraq can have their own country once the high security risk is down and when they are well set up. Step two is pretty much done, step one is debatable whither they are ready to fix their own problems or not.
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    Meat-eating Vs. vegetarianism

    It works perfectly in reality, we can't destroy our own ecosystem effectively without a couple thousand years of work or actually trying to do it. Also being a vegetarian isn't good for the plants, animals and plants don't want to be water, but that is a natural law of life. To live you have...
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    Teenager's Threat video with Naruto Quote Leads to Arrest

    Well, the story itself has good moments, more so the Sound 5, Zabuza, and Azuma ones. The characters themselves are great, yes they are easily see able cliche's, alomst every damn one of them. If a Cliche is done right it can be likable/good; Shikamaru, Temari, Sakura. Others have been...
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    Is BLEACH better than Neon Genesis Evangelion?

    Well I decided to try a few episodes at the beginning, it was meh. Then I missed it for a few weeks and turned it on to watching a mecha ripping apart another and eating it while WTF talk was coming from people watching it. I should start watching it again, I just don't feel like it right now.
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    From the so called "overrated" animes, which one is better than the other "overrates"

    I thought Fruits Basket was good. I just wish they didn't end it the way they did in the anime.