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  • lol, life crazy on you, I see.. but great to hear. lol
    Glad things are working lovely for ya two.

    You still have wi fi?
    maybe we can battle someday..
    wow.. 2 years sure went fast.

    I've been doing great! I have a lovely girlfriend, online relationship though, but it's going pretty well. She loves pokemon too! lol
    I've been doing shiny hunting even since I gotten shiny Dratini in my fireRed at the game corner. I've captured 72 shinies, 39 are pokeradar.. others are soft reset and random encounters. I also have my own wi fi, so that I'm able to battle people.
    I don't have Platinum, yet.. but hopefully sometime later this week or next week.

    How about you?
    how's life?
    Dude!!! Long time no see! Glad to see ya on here. Very cool to have a good friend back on here. As for Platinum, I already have it. :)
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