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  • well the thing is red, i don't really care if there is proof or not, cause he probably didn't capture the whole thing. But never mind. I had enough of fighting, it is not healthy, this is why i would for the members and I that i had conflicts with to be civil with each other. So like i said best of luck with Advent wish you guys all the best! =]

    So how do you make time to boink chicks? I don't really have to play anymore, I have enough evd pokemon and if anything I do battle frontier. Right now I'm looking to build a rain dance team, I need a bronzong though. But anyway I just spend a lot of time with my gf or the homies, and I'm gonna start college too so I probably won't play much just wifi battles. I am gonna get SS though.
    Whaaaaaat?mavericks wtf? Lol jk its cuz I'm straight L.A. since I live here, ya know? And yea Kobe smashed on Orlando. Hey I think me and you are a bit a like in the way that we don't look like we play pokemon. Why do you play, man?
    Hey Red, idk if u knew this but I experimented and I got on The Team Advent Forums :3 the chat doesn't show but it's better than nothing :D
    it is normal for you to side with san. Even though it is not true. Well red peace out, and best of luck with Advent hope to war you guys sometime with the clan fash and are making =] well cya
    I think its rose,serris,leah,and I forgot the other 2,lol. Man this sucks your not the only with computer problems, my laptop got **** too,XD.
    Edit: blaze,and chupi are in the war also.
    lol I'm not in it, I took a small break from pokemon but I'm back since I trade all my stuff to platinum now, the line up for war is still pretty good with out me.
    hey red my main man how are things goin

    just stopng by to let you know im goin to new york again to the stapels center i belive its called for the upcomng incubus concert if u get this in time we sould hang out
    red you know whats funny, nick can say theres to sides to every story but I have the entire conversation and fight recorded on a hypercam video. lol
    nobody ganged up and bullied that kid, he brought the fight to himself. And he wouldnt quit being a dumbass and trying to fight today so Rose banned his ***
    All I know right now is that the clan is going to war against red dragons, yea we know serris is in charge.
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