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  • You are right. Banning it made it look more awesome but sadly now it can't be used normally, in OU. But the more troublesome factor is that it struggles in Ubers. Being unpredictable is one thing that makes it shine though.
    so how is everything going? I haven't been keeping up.

    And are you happy with what they did with Blaziken? I have a mixed feeling about this. It became super powerful but got banned to Ubers.
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    I am not sure about starters as I wanted some different elemental type starters. We have been doing the same grass-fire-water for four gens. And as they are saying that they are gonna change the way we play Pokemon so I hope they introduce some major changes like changing gym patterns or Pokemon number count on trainer team, etc.

    As for attack I always wanted a Water type recoil damage move like Flare Blitz and Volt Tackle just for even distribution.

    And Palkia and Kingdra have neutral effectiveness to Ice type move too.

    I hope they introduce a Electric Pokemon with Levitate, I like Pokemon with no weaknesses.
    I didn't saw your post before as I was working on my private messages.

    Well I was waiting for Pegasus kind of Pokemon since Johto. I hope they introduce it now. If they can do Unicorn then whats wrong with a Pegasus.

    Well there were only three Fire Pokemon families in Sinnoh as it was a colder region but i hope this time they introduce more Fire Type Pokemon. And I also want Fire\Dragon Pokemon so as it has no water type combination. Fire\water or Fire\Grass don't seem possible.
    Well as it is a odd gen then there will be newer Pokemon and lesser evolution to old ones.

    We will have to wait to see who tops Arceus. Someone must have created Arceus, right?
    They ran of out in Sinnoh. Started giving old Pokemon some new evolutions. In some case like Roserade or Electivire it was nice but for others like Tangrowth or Ambipom, it had little to no benefit. Mr. Mime and Sudowoodo got pre-evolution but that was not much a use either.
    Maybe they will run out of ideas again and start giving old Pokemon some new evolution. At least they didn't do it in Gen III.
    I am working on a Fire type banner. Do u have any idea like what should I put in it?
    Weird things keep on happening here.
    So heard news about next gen and new Pokemon?
    People are assuming it is related to Mightyena or lucario(more auraholic stuff).
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