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  • But mamoswine doesn't suits dawn at all it is a ash pokemon. Remember how good pryce used his piloswine. I can never forget its power.
    Why thank you. I'm tired of people whining about how Lucario "fits" Ash and really don't want him to get one, because I love his current Sinnoh team and feel that they can really be developed further.
    Ya never know, But Ash is getting a pokemon with an Item evolution, and we have the huge Possibilty of the "Name of which we do not Speak", and that's a happiness evolution, So he might not, Then you also half to consider, If they didnt give Jessie, and Dawn the Pokemon they did, what else would they get?
    Hey red i noticed a pattern that brock, dawn james and jessie have all have got pokemon that evolve by learning a specific attack and there are swinub 4 dawn speculation which is pokemon of same category so would ash get a tangela in future or swinub is going to come with ash. I know about 6 poke rule but you can't reject this fact. Now come to 2nd thought about tangela we know it is grass type as turtwig (same case as krabby and squirtle where squirtle was turtle that rival had as his starter). So could ash get a tangela that knows ancient power and evolve at first round of league. So what do you think. If you see a pattern make a thread on it.
    Well in the anime section in the prediction for future gym and contest treads I made my vs Gary and vs paul prediction.please check it out i need criticism.
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