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  • Yeah maybe next region will have a moderate climate so that there will be more Fire types just like Hoenn. The problem with Sinnoh was that if you didn't chose Chimchar originally then you only have two choices in the beginning. The Ponyta line or the Magby line.
    I have to go through a graphic design review during the fall so I have to get ready for that. As for the heat, it is killing me.:/ It is like 100 degrees.
    Finishing my summer classes for this month. I am also playing wii video games and training new pokemon just for fun. Overall, tiresome, but its ok.
    Yeah Monferno do need a new Gen 4 move and flare blitz is the best option for now and when it evolve it could learn close combat and blast burn. Ash pokemon are learning recoil damage move. Its just that they don't recoil that much in the anime. remeber in 3rd gym Staravia used three brave birds and took few hits at it was still standing( in its case flying). I hope Flint will teach monferno Flare Blitz before Volkner Gym and It could be used against Volkner.
    Yeah that might be a case but I don't wanna see a trainer with infernape before Ash himself gets an infernape. But the problem is Flint is likely to appear now and he will ruin my dream. Either way hope there is some other trainer with that infernape.
    Yeah but Oak said that Ash and Gary are the only pokemon trainer left in pallet in pallet party panic. So we may not hear about hear about them ever. Maybe tyson and co started there journey befor may just like barry and Paul started before Dawn. I wanted to know who got the chimchar when Paul got his Turtwig and Barry got his piplup. And I am still wondering how can Kenny get piplup prior to Dawn when they are of same age.
    well I was a part of some spoiling talk and someone said that maybe tyson, harrison and morrison are the people who got the hoenn starters. They always show a trio after since johto. Do u think its possible?
    I forgot to ask you. What pokemon did you use to beat pokemon platinum? I used Torterra, Staraptor, Floatzel, Lucario, Luxray, and Houndoom.
    Anyway, as for the episode, I see the monkey is finally evolving.
    Whats up red? Well dp131 is arriving and i think there would be heated battle between pika and mortar. did u get chance to see pokemon sunday preview of dp131. It aint available on you tube. I wanted to see mortar moving. So what r ur expectations about the fight?
    Glad you have your fall classes. Anyways, I see they are talking about to have a new game basically a johto remake if I am not mistaken.
    Don't worry. I am not in a rush. Glad to hear from you. So anything good happened lately? I have stopped my pokemon between lv 73-75; just didn't have time since I was busy with school work. I have to get a new software anyways after my idiotic cousin accidentally stepped on it, and I got a new laptop too. For some reason, he asks me to trade one of my strong pokemon, Leafeon, for a blasted Cherubi. He must think I am stupid to trade for somthing that I can't use except its ability.
    hey red2000. what's up? I am have returned after a long month. I haven't heard from during our last talk. I was going to trade you the pokemon you needed. I tried to get back to forums earlier, but the internet was down.
    these days a lot of avatar gets stolen. my fav got stolen by another kid and ur nidoking was also stolen then someone also stole that croconaw of shiny charizard. this way at the end we will have to share avatars. can there be a bigger dilemma?
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