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  • I guess we all moved on. The site is still okay, I don't see a difference tbh. But in the end, school, work, life in general, the end of the guild and other Pokemon priorities made us all leave.
    VGC was never strong here. Even when I played casual Doubles it was a pain to find someone who played Doubles. Even in the guilds...
    Well, basically Serebii users don't play VGC and VGC players have better forum and resource sites. The VGC community is not usually hanging out with casuals or smogonites because we meet irl, so we tend to hang around other places. Barely anyone here on Serebii plays VGC.
    I come to post on the Shuffle thread and check things up but I'm no longer very active since the VGC section here is dead and buried.

    Can't complain, it's been a nice journey, met a lot of new friends, improved a lot as a player and maybe someday I'll make worlds. It's tough though, need a lot of practice to keep up.
    My magnolia tree is blooming and so are the others in my neighborhood, so looks like summer is coming very soon.
    Hey. I haven't been much around serebii tbh. I'm a VGC player now, so serebii is more casual and I don't come here often anymore.
    Hey Red, Just wanted to tell you that i am not going to be able to come over this weekend because i hurt myself last night at work. Dislocation my foot and it needs rest but I'll have my phone by me if you want to text me.
    My friend!!! I'm sorry, it's been sooooo long. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017. I hope everything is going well. So, did you get Moon or Sun? Take care man!
    ****, now I'm sorry for the late reply :( . Stuff's been getting pretty crazy in my life, had a lot of stuff to deal with. Not as bad as you though.

    Sorry to hear about your cat man, but like you said at least she died happy. And old! 16 is a fantastic age.

    Nightmares? That sounds pretty shite to be honest, how are you coping? Maybe sometime soon you'll get some clarity on it - have you considering seeing a specialist over it?

    October was OK, November looks to be getting colder though. Having to wear a coat, bleh :/. Aah well, it's nearing the end of the year. Perhaps next year will be better! One can only hope.

    My results were good - 2 A's, 7 B's. Pretty happy with those, got into college fine with them. But then that's been a rollercoaster ride...

    I don't tend to collect the legendaries, not my thing. I just play through the games and then either restart them or leave them be.
    Don't worry about it, you're fine! Haha, nope! XD I'm sorry if my avatar ruined a new pokemon for you!

    That's not good, I hope your sleeping pattern gets back on track really soon. You're welcome :) Something like that will take some time to heal, but I'm glad it's getting a little better for you. I know, right? I wish it was October already!

    Everything's been alright with me, thanks! Just taking it easy right now. If Flare doesn't come on soon, tell her I say hi!
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