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  • Yes, it is cool.
    I haven't got the outfit but I once tried to look like her with my black coat and stuff and it was a success.
    I think you've heard the term "Opinions are like ***holes, everyone has one" right? It's true though. You're opinion isn't wrong or invalid. Myself, I enjoy watching people help / criticize. I'm centered and willing to accept help, but I'm also vocal and able to keep my individuality. Unfortunately, with the current environment, that often sparks people getting upset and what have you. On that level, I understand people who dislike conflict being wise and doing just that... avoiding conflict. Besides, we all have to have our little secrets, right ;)
    Always a pleasure. Though you haven't rated a team I've posted (been a while since I've posted one come to think of it), I'm always lurking the CRMT. I have a subtle approach to rating. It's called the "here's some advice, do what you may with it" approach. Too many people have the "this is how you do it, now do it how I say!" approach -_-
    Just thought I'd pop by and say hello. Noticed you rating on the forums. Always nice to have a rater with good knowledge and manners in balance. At any rate, nice to meet you :)
    I think so. I don't have wires made for my Nintendo for Wi-Fi connection and the equipment costs a lot of money.
    Oh damn. That's cool! Hope Garchomp isn't banned lol. But I really don't think I'll be using legendaries for the tournament but then again it's good to have one by your side in case **** happens haha. But I'm guessing the few legendaries that will be banned are the very strong ones. Say Arceus or Zekrom.
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