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  • Sometimes the weather gets very cold if there's a heavy downpour. That's my chance to like kick back & relax haha. I'm touched. That's so thoughtful! Man if only we live nearby. But having a pal from another country is cool though! Yeah same here! Thanks man! Hopefully I can pass! Couldn't agree more. But I guess it's for safety & unnecessary accidents.
    Thanks, man. It's awesome that your car's working! Living without a car is pretty tough in the US unless you're in some big city. Are you going to participate in the wi-fi tournament? It's a little too close to my exam for me to get serious about it.
    Singapore is near the equator. So it's a more of a rainfall & scorching sun kind of climate. So there's no snow. Though I wish though. Well I can always ask regigigas to pull my country out of the equator. Haha! Oh man, it's hot here sometimes that not even 5 mins, I start to sweat. I can take the heat, but I'd prefer chilly weather. I know! My dad taught me the basics so I roughly know the dos & dont's. I'm so gonna take my theory exams this year. That way i won't waste time. I can get my license next year lol. 18's the legal age for my county. Basically 18's the passport to be able do many things. Well same here! Finally, February's usually so jam-packed. But not for this year. Which is good. well, i wish you a good week buddy! :)
    I'm good. I've been doing a lot of studying because I have a major licensing exam in 1 month. How are you?
    Hahaha! I've never witnessed winter. I hope I can someday! & that's really good to hear! Wow. A car. Cool! Can't wait till I'm of legal age XD but I'm glad things are going good for you! :)
    I'm all good! It's been raining often but it's good cause I kinda like rainy weathers. It relaxes me haha. Thanks for asking buddy! That's good for you! How about yourself? You good? :))
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