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  • Well I'm glad to see your Step-Dad is doing better. As for your friend, that'll take time to heal. As long as you can still call them a friend after the rough times, then you have little to worry about there. Sleep will help, a shame we get nightmares when we need rest the most. But sleep should help clear your thoughts. Look at funny images to make you feel better; usually works for me haha

    Yep, GCSE's are done and I'm awaiting my results (get them on the 25th). Nice to hear Flare is alright. Pokemon GO is an awesome game :)
    I wish I could say the same! lol XP At least you guys will have access to both games! I'm the exact opposite... I want to know everything that's coming out about S/M! :p Same here. I'm really hoping that Litten's evolutions are awesome and that it stays quadrupedal *knocks on wood*

    I'm glad things are getting better for you. I'm really sorry about your best friend, that's horrible :( Yep, I'm liking it a lot too! Chibi Zwei is really cute! RWBY is coming back Oct. 22nd! Yay! :D
    Oh wow... so sorry about your friend. At least your step-dad is alright. Hope you're handling it all alright.

    Yeah, it's been a lot better than what you've experienced. I'm just suffering through GCSE's right now, done two weeks so far and have another two weeks to go. Morale is low, but I'll be alright. How's Flare?
    Hey RedAce! Sorry again for the late reply. Are you going to get Sun or Moon? I'm buying Sun. How are you liking the new starters? I'm going to pick Litten. How about you? :eek:

    Things have been fine, thanks! You? I've been liking it so far, it brings some happiness and laughs back after what happened in volume 3. We certainly need it! lol XD
    Yep. I mean we're not that oldschool (original R/B/Y) but close enough.

    Physics went alright actually, wasn't as hard as I thought. Didn't screw up on easy topics, which is nice.
    Indeed, old school is good. Plus he's in that generation that's into the 3D shenanigans, so I'm training him to appreciate the older works.

    That sucks, my school doesn't seem to get suspicious but that works out for me xD. I'll let you know how I do, got my next mock on Thursday. Physics this time.
    Yeah. I still play PBR today, as my younger brother owns Diamond so we sometimes play together randomly and then battle one another on it. Looks nicer than the 3D Wifi battle things of X&Y.

    I doubt I did very well, it was pretty bad and I guessed a lot of the answers and got one I thought I knew wrong (I know why I was wrong, missed out a vital step in empirical formula). But Physics is a coming, and I have 4 days to revise for it so I'll spend a lot of time on it. Going to get an A/A* if it kills me (metaphorically).
    That too, but hey ho. Another older variation I'd have loved to have tried was Pokemon Colosseum, that looked pretty good. I'm sort-of expecting some sort of Wii-U battle arena game like PBR or Stadium for the newer generations to come out soon, would be nice.

    Well the Chemistry mock couldn't have gotten worse. Was not a good test in the slightest, one entire question out of 6 dedicated to iodides/iodine, something my class has not covered. Ever. So that's probably a fail. Revising Physics like a madman for Thursday, going to pass that ***** whether I need the subject or not :)
    I know, I've seen some of the videos. Don't think I'd want to play it now with the graphics and stuff, but it looked good. I made a Pearl team, haven't started yet though (maybe this coming weekend).

    Yeah, aim high but accept what you get. Regardless I'd have to **** up really badly to not get into my chosen college, and I reckon if I do well at A-Level then a few B's won't be the end of the world. I go back to school tomorrow and might have to face a Chemistry mock which isn't fun at all, since I'm **** at Chemistry and hate what we learn. But we'll see what happens.
    I agree, it feels... weird. I never played Pokemon Stadium, but I did play Pokemon Battle Revolution and that was amazing. Again, 4th generation sucker but it was good. I love D/P/Pt, tempted to play them again. Need a good team though to get me through it. Might make Pearl fun, relive some memories.

    Thank you. I set my targets too high at one point (going for A's in every subject) in the hope of having a better chance at getting to one of the best universities both in the country and the world. But I think it's unrealistic for me - I hate Maths and Science and those make up nearly half of the exams I do (8/19) so I just figured I'd accept whatever I get.
    Yeah, I get you.

    Agreed. I don't know, there's something about the 3D appearance that I don't like. I'm a sucker for 3rd/4th gen though, so I prefer that. Newer audiences will want 3D though.

    We shall see. Got exams coming up, going to be tiring and stressful. But I usually do OK :)
    Why'd you wish things were better, what's up?

    I did, they look... interesting. I don't know if I'll be entirely into them but we'll see. The new 3D thing, not my cup of tea.

    I've been alright, good days and bad days. When they're good they're great, when they're bad I feel like ****. Guess that's life :)
    Haha, yep! The finale was crazy right? Oh really? That's awesome! I'll be happy knowing that RWBY will be back sooner than later. Thanks! ^-^ I did! Same here. It's been what, 3 years since X and Y came out? About time, huh? lol ;P
    No worries! :) I honestly don't have words to express how I feel about the last two episodes of RWBY. Well, I'm not actively looking for Hoopa either... lol XD My sister and I traded 2 shinies for 2 Mew codes with someone here on the forum. We didn't realize how quickly the codes would run out at Gamestop >_< Luckily, we found someone extremely reasonable to trade with! It's our first legit event Mew as well, so we're really excited that we got it! When Darkrai comes out, we'll make sure to get it the day it's released. You're welcome!
    I finally got my Mew too :)
    I got 4 of them. I was super excited! Mew is one of my favorite Legendaries and after 20 years I finally got one lol!!
    I'm glad all of you got Mew too.
    I hate to hear you aren't doing well. I hope everything works out for you. If you want to talk about it, feel free to send a private message :)
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