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Jun 5, 2016
Oct 7, 2006
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September 7
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Ripping, but only as a hobby.

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redblueyellow was last seen:
Jun 5, 2016
    1. ninjascyther
      Hey RBY,

      I finally actually worked out how many recruits I have on MD2 - Its currently 435/524!
      It was surprisingly high, because i only have ~80hrs gameplay, and on PMD1 I remember having 320+hrs when i had recruited all of them.

      Have you noticed how much easier recruitment is in PMD1 compared to PMD2? I think that to fully complete recruitment in MD2, I will not have to level up any pokemon for evolution! Pokemon like tyranitar and the final evolutions of the starters recruit quite easily with Lv100 and the gold mask. I remember continually trudging through western cave, leveling up pokemon so they could evolve, and it seems like there will be little, or none of that in MD2.

      How are you going in MD2? Still going towards master rank?

      cya, NS
    2. Krissy
      Hey, I saw your shiny sig.
      You willing to trade any?
      If so, I'm interested in these:
      Snorunt (if female)

      What natures are they? And which ones are UT?
      I have good natured shinies for you in return.
    3. ninjascyther
      I meant 520+ because I am not exactly sure about how many 'different' pokemon are recruitable. I think its:

      491 +
      27 other unowns +
      2 other shellos/gastrodon forms +
      4 other burmy/wormadam forms =

      = 524. I think its that.

      But, come to think of it my recruitments would also be above 300, so it could be 300+/520+

    4. ninjascyther
      Post 1:

      That final rank is a ***** to complete. IIRC it was about 65000-70000 explorer points just for the one level.

      Unforunately, I cant offer any real tips, as it was a long, hard slog for me. While zero isle north often has big missions (9*), they are not worth it, due to the difficulty and length of the dungeon (plus no Exp for your efforts).

      I recommend accepting any 5*, 6* or 7* missions you see and then wait until you get 2 or more missions in that dungeon. From my personal experience blizzard island was the best place, offering the best exp, good pokemon to recruit and the highest missions (7*). I found surrounded sea to be the 2nd best place for missions.
    5. ninjascyther
      Post 2:

      Hope that helps, though a long slog is unavoidable. I recommend just progressing through storyline/those unlockable missions (if you have any left) and recruiting pokemon, and those explorer points seem to go up quicker.

      In my MD2, I am maybe at 300/520+ (rough estimate). I have done the 7 unlockable legendary missions, and recruited the legendary in each. I am recruiting, passing the days, in the hope that I see a secret stoneplate/mystery part as a mission reward, since I dont use WMG unless there is no other option.

      Feel free to keep me updated on your MD progress,

      Cya, NS.

      EDIT: Wow, never done a visitor message that went over the character limit before. :O
    6. Jish
      Thanks but no thanks. I consider trading to be cheating, so I wouldn't accept them. Not to mention, I already have all items - the only thing I'll have trouble getting is a Stunky, and I'm going to cross that bridge once I've reached it.

      And yes, I know that trading has been a part of Pokemon since day one, and that it's perfectly acceptable and not cheating. It mostly depends on what you use it for. Since I'm trying to make the best collection possible, I want to prove that I did all of the work myself without asking anyone else for anything. That's why I'm enforcing the 7-trades rule. It's the best way to prove it. And for those, all of them (except for possibly the aforementioned Stunky) will still have Jish/JISH/Karen as the original trainer, so it should be clear that I'm the one that got them. (I use Karen when playing as the girl character, because being the boy every time gets boring).
    7. Jish
      The 7 are the ones that I absolutely can't get any other way.

      - Turtwig and family
      - Piplup and family
      - Stunky/Skuntank
      - Dialga
      - Rhyperior
      - Porygon-Z
      - Dusknoir

      And one of them has to hold a Skull Fossil so I can get Cranidos.

      Stuff like Jirachi, Mew, etc is optional and I'll get them myself if I feel like it, but I won't accept them from others. And as for the 7 trades, I hope to make all of them with myself once Platinum comes out and I buy it, but I'll have to get the Stunky some other way.
    8. Jish
      Also, if you care even slightly, my Pokemon collection is coming along pretty well. My goal is to have all the Pokemon (with the exception of event-based ones, which are optional), in the weakest balls possible, all in the PC, and with a total of only 7 trades.

      Currently I have 464, with only 6 that need to be recaptured (one of which, Latias, has already been done but not imported yet) and no trades. I need to evolve a Gligar and finish Emerald (I'm about 3/4 done with it) and then I can import another 11 to bring the total up to 470 with none that need to be recaptured. Aside from the PBR Electivire/Magmortar (which I hope to get some day), Ho-oh (I do have Colosseum), and Mew/Lugia/Jirachi, which I don't feel like getting, that's as many as I can get without any trades.

      (By trades I only mean ones between my Pearl and another DS version, because those are recorded on the trainer card. Any done on 3rd gen games aren't added to the total)
    9. Jish
      I'm kinda... eh. Quite down in the dumps lately because I haven't heard from my girlfriend in two weeks now. Nothing bad, but nothing good either. So I'm very worried that I won't ever hear from her again.

      Aside from that I guess I'm alright. Still uploading loads of stuff to youtube (I'm taking a break this week though).
    10. Ayra
      Just wondered.

    11. ninjascyther

      Heh, nice profile pic.

      Cya round.
    12. Ayra
      Why'd you visit my profile?

    13. fhqwhgads
      Sure thing.
    14. fhqwhgads
      Your name.
    15. EvilPikachu79
    16. EvilPikachu79
      Just cheking out your channel and I realized we have the same birthday :D
    17. PurpleMew
      lol thanks for the friend request.
    18. Sweet May
      Sweet May
      Happy birthday! Hope your day goes well! Especially with all the work you do for spriters, you deserve a good day! ^^
    19. PurpleMew
      Happy Birthday.
    20. Kunasakio
      by attachments i think
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    September 7
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    Ripping, but only as a hobby.
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    If you have any requests as to which game I should rip from next, please VM me or send me a message.

    Sports and spriting and running.