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  • oh wow, nice job with the Marill. you could probably keep breeding to get a good Nature & Ability, might take a while though lol. & don't worry about the DW Magikarp, i need it to be Flawless so i think i might have better luck looking in a trade shop. my name is Dantini, FC is 0261 5747 4508.
    lol i can tell which way these battles are gonna go, i've only got 1 fully EV trained Pokémon on my team, but he's a Flawless Shiny Arcanine, it's my prized possession in White. i've started trying to build my team now that my Dex is close(ish) to completion, but he's the only one i've gotten so far. my in game team's EVs are all over the place but i have to use them for now. once i've built my team i'll definitely msg you for some rematches haha. let me know when you're ready! what's your FC btw? i'll add you in now.
    it's okay about the Marill, i can hatch an Azurill myself, as long as i got one in the chain i'm happy. & don't worry about the Diglett either, seems too much hassle. you don't have to give me them all lol. & yeah i use my Chandelure's Flame Body when i'm breeding.
    i've breed the DWF Rattata & Houndour now. the Shaymin doesn't know Earth Power though i'm afraid. i'd rather trade the DWFs for the regular Pokémon i need rather than the DWF Magikarp, i'm focusing on my Dex first.
    gotcha, thanks for the insight. I ended up with a suicune that was timid with amazing IVs. hp-27 def-28 spatk-30 spdef-31 spd-30. i was very pleased haha. im going to start using synchronize, thanks again! its funny, ive been playin this game since it first came out...but im just now learning how to actually play the game. im 23, and still goin strong on pokemon. its like im addicted to this shiet
    Do you know how to calculate IVs at all? I just re started all my games and teams so i could start checking their IVs. I use to think the same thing< calm, bold, timid etc...carries the best stats for suicune. But! they dont. docile, hardy, quirky, serious, etc.. they arnt boosting any particular stats, but! they can produce really high IVs. the IV system is a random amount of IVs placed in each stat (hp,attk,def,sp attk, sp def, spd) each one having the possibility of 0-31. max IVs can produce a pokemon with 31 ivs all across, which can be almost any nature and characteristic sometimes. even the sterile natures hardy, docile, serious, etc can produce max IVs... I use to think that in order to have max 31 stat in a stat you wanted, you would have to match up a nature and characteristic to achieve that. wrong! you must calculate your IVs, cause if you dont you could have a calm suicune with 0-5 all across. its almost like natures dont really matter. all that matters is your IVs
    sorry for the long wait. i was busy with a lot of school projects and some midterms. i got my 3ds back so we can battle whenever you want. just hit me up when and what time you would like to do it. and you can go all out on my team :) i really wanna know if my team is wifi worthy of surviving^^
    You're acting as if I don't know sh!t about Smogon, is your sarcasm detector running faulty today?

    *doesn't give a fock aboot competitive*

    Nah man, now I realise that NOBODY'S SAFE FROM THE PLUMAGE DONG. Excellent research, RedSamurott!
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