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  • sorry i can't battle for a while :/ my 3DS's wifi is down. i sent it to nintendo to get the problem fix. i'll vm you back when it's operational so we can battle.
    if you want to battle some time just hit me up. i'll probably can battle next week cause i'll be swamped all week with projects for school.
    sorry, i didn't know that if you didn't use this site for a while it will automatically log you off >.< but i'm here now. my white fc is 2279 7993 1775. vm back when you're ready.
    i'm home now, so whenever you're ready just hit me up. if i'm logged off, just don't worry. i'll be checking this site every now and then. or you can give me a time you'll be available. i'm PST.
    naw, i'm good with the deal. you can give me any pokemon with the choice specs. i'm really not that picky ^^ i should be able to trade with you tomorrow after school. i'll vm you back when i get back home.
    so the deal is my DWFs: poliwag, tentacool, sableye and marril for your: chimchar, cyndaquil, 1 choice specs and dwf natu? if this sounds good let me know.
    how about we trade on friday or any day of the weekend? i am really swamped with my school work and this will give you plenty of time as well :) but which dwf female did you really want ? cause i can get you any 2 of the three that you put on my post. don't worry about the politoed. it's also included in the trade. if you want the third female i have to ask another pokemon in return. what other pokes do you have?
    i almost got all the starters except the 2 that we were in the process of trading. i was wondering if you had a choice specs that you can trade for and in return i can try to put an egg move of your choice on it. just vm if this sounds alright with you.
    ahh man, sorry to hear that. its no biggie. i just forgot we had a trade and i thought you wouldn't like to trade anymore. just let me know when you're available. and i'm in no big rush :)
    hey, sorry man. completely forgot our trade that one time >.< my midterms are all done this week so we can trade anytime you want. i'll be available after school prolly around 5pm but not sure if i'm gonna be tutoring tomorrow. i'll just vm tomorrow when i get back on.
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