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    Surprise shinies are always the best shinies in my opinion. Will you evolve it to Vileplume or Bellossom
    Likely neither, I never evolve or do anything with my random shinies so it will stay as an Oddish.
    Lucifer's a way nicer guy than God there. And ignoring that, can you really say Giratina is Pokesatan? Oh sure, it looks devilish, but the six legs/ribs/streamers is coincidence(like how people thought President Reagen's name proves he is the Antichrist), we aren't given information for why it is "the renegade" and it's job suggests it has an actual position/is an actual deity instead of a fallen spirit. The Torn World is creepy and weird, but it isn't Hell. Really, the closest "mythological" figure would be the old ones of H.P.Lovecraft(like them, Giratina is alien, from another dimension, atypical of our opinion of gods, and hard to understand). The "Giratina is Satan" is just a fan theory, like "Blue's Raticate", and there's nothing to confirm that any Judeo-Christian elements were added to Giratina(or Arceus for that matter, though it pretty much is a creator god. Just not the one we're familiar with)
    I disagree, Giratina is really closer to Shinto God Tsukuyomi and the Distortion World certainly has elements of Yomi. But it also does have elements comperable to Lucifer, much like Arceus is a collective amalgamation of creator deities including YHWH(I mean, for crying out loud the Plates are pretty much inspired by classical depictions of Moses' Ten Commandments, there is literally church devoted to Arceus in Hearthome City, and you literally encounter him on top of a Stairway to Heaven) while being closest to Izanami and Amenominakanushi, Giratina seems to be a composite of rebel gods and entities, including Lucifer, but also deities such as Mot of Ugratic pantheon.

    (also comparing him to Yog-Sothoth is kinda BS considering Yog-Sothoth is supposed a personification of time and a bunch of floating balls, and Giratina is most certainly neither).
    I don't think it would count? Because turning your game off would just be erasing whatever you're doing, essentially you're soft-resetting by using the dexnav which i've seen people do on youtube like mrshinx3 and the shinytwins178.
    chains dont matter when dexnav'ing, dexnav is fixed odds, chaining does absolutely nothing to effect the shiny chances, so you can feel free to turn the game off as much as you like
    I'm not sure if anyone's done any calculations about dexnav hunting + a shiny charm. I'm not sure if anyone knows an exact rate or if the shiny charm even effects it? Just like I'm not sure if the shiny charm works on in friend safaris. I've heard people say that the baseline rate for dexnav hunting is similar to friend safari odds though.
    Hey I saw your post on the will ash's father ever make an appearance thread. I see you said you think his wife will be misty, so I see you like ashxmisty too! I'm not realy a shipper but I just think those two seem to suit eachother aswell
    I noticed you are looking for Jungle Vivillon and will offer Keldeo. If it's a legit - non-hacked, non-cloned - Keldeo, I may be able to procure a Jungle form for you.
    Hey left a message in my shop if you need more help pm me please i want to make sure my team pose i made be used thanks...
    how did you get a red Jirachi?!
    You noticed it, huh :p
    I got it from a trade :D

    By the way, the only Jirachi that can shine, is the Wishmaker Jirachi from 3rd Gen, which comes at level 5. On top of that, the only legitimate ones are restricted to only 9 different Natures. If you see a Shiny Wishmaker Jirachi with a Nature that's not one of those 9, it's hacked.
    Unfortunately, the only Natures I know are Bashful, Jolly, Docile, Lonely, Careful, and Serious. Mine's Docile.
    your request has been made, please pick up your team pose at flower paradise graphics and thanks for choosing my art shop :) if you need anything don't hesitate to ask...
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