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Oct 9, 2019
Feb 17, 2009
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Nov 20, 1986 (Age: 33)
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Latest Shiny !!!, 33, from Belgium

Redostrike was last seen:
Oct 9, 2019
    1. Cutty
      Thanx =P It's kinda boring and annoying after awhile hunting for the tour. Especially if we don't get the shiny we really want after a long hunt, like Helio w/ her 2 Golbats =/
      I'd like to get a shiny from places like Dragon's den and mount silver too, but I'm also stuck w/ poliwag and headbutt hunt. If I finally get a hold of B/W, I'm gonna stop hunting for the tour. Some shinies are already enough, I'm quite satistfied.^^

      Well, good luck on your Uxie and Slowpoke. I think nobody can surpass your position in the tour for awhile, you've got a lot of time to hunt something else.
    2. ShinyFufu
      What's wrong with your stomach? Is it something that is life-threatening?
    3. ShinyFufu
      What the hell, Redo, we're having some crazy luck this July. :o Congratulations on the super shiny Zigzagoon! I already have a Pick-Up shiny of my own. :p
    4. ShinyFufu
      Congratulations on that shiny Eevee! I'm hunting for another one so that I can get a shiny Flareon. :p
    5. Pucca_ness
      Oopsie! I knew it was one of the regulars of the shiny club to get the dream magikarp I am sorry I got you and kirk mixed up. I shall edit my post! x
    6. Cutty
      Hey redo, you know what. I'm playing my Hoenn games again too, jap Ruby n US Sapphire.
      I was trying to get a shiny starter too, well, unlike you, I didn't have that luck to get a shiny even after months, not even a shiny pooch/ziggy.
      So I decided to play through the games instead, as those 2 games are new, it's shame if I don't play/use them to hunt shinies, money wasted.
      Literally I haven't got any shinies from GBA games, well, I got 2 but they're gone n it's not really me who got them, so mind w/ that.

      Well, I'm not asking you for a race, no thank you. Just wanna let you know I hunt there too as I'm playing through the game on my spare hunting time. B/c my main hunt time is still for HG/SS (gen 4).

      So good luck to us both.^^
    7. Cutty
      More like you who need to slow down a bit, lol.
      You're racing w/ yourself in the tour now =p

      Why don't you, I dunno, SRing for a shiny legendary first, I notice you haven't got any.
      What a shame don't you think? ;p
      You're like 3 shinies ahead of all contestants, if there's anybody who still wants to race you.

      Anyway, congrats on the magikarp.
      And really, slow down man....
    8. ShinyCollector7
      Awesome, man! I'm inspired, haha. I have the following Pokemon games (I have games other than Pokemon, like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, but focus on Pokemon):
      -2 Ruby
      -1 Sapphire
      -2 Emerald
      -2 FireRed
      -1 LeafGreen
      -2 Diamond
      -2 Pearl
      -2 Platinum
      -2 SoulSilver (one Jap.)
      -1 HG

      That's it for 3rd and 4th gen. games I think... Plus I have two SP's, one Micro and two GBA's (lol, customized so half the purple is glacier and vice versa). I'd like to buy more Micros, like other than the original one.. I love having lots of games, as you often don't have to restart.
    9. ShinyCollector7
      I noticed you have tons of games and systems, like me xD. I currently have 4 DS's: 1 DS phat, 2 DS Lite, 1 DSi. I did buy a previous DS phat then sold it, and had another DS Lite but it broke. I have two of lots of games, like Ruby, Emerald, FireRed, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, SoulSilver (one Japanese). Fun ;)
    10. Cutty
      Oh wow, I've been in your place before, but still it surprising me to see someone can be so lucky in finding shinies.

      Congrats =P

      Remember when I said it might be your lucky star that would shine this month?
      Well, it did happen n I dislike it :x

      I'm rooting for you again to win,
      until I can get you.^^
    11. Cutty
      Congrats on your tentacool. It doesn't take too long either. So yeah, luck is still playing in your path.

      Too bad Kirk has gotten a new shiny too =P
    12. ShinyFufu
      No, you're right, I hunted for it on Route 111. And yes, it could have been any other shiny on that route. But seeing as how Trapinch is the most common Pokemon there, I was confident that if I got a shiny, it would be Trapinch.

      And thanks for the congrats.
    13. Cutty
      Congrats on the shiny Abra.

      Hey I've got one BCC's shiny! Woof! Woof!
      No more rooting for you, the real competition has just begun!
      And I am NOT going to lose easily ;D

      Are you scared now? XD

      Good luck for the hunts, keep your luck rolling! ^^
    14. Cutty
      I'm rooting for you to win the tour, Redo :)
      For now.

      Did the Skars have high appearance rate when you used the magnet pull?

      If I finally get a hold of BCC's shiny, then the real competition begins ;)

      Gee, why did I share my luck to you in the first place....
      Just kidding.

      Good luck on your hunt on route 47, Redo! Get a shiny staryu! That'd be awesome.
    15. LoneStarAkira
      Congratulations on Skarmory! Awesome shiny streak you're having there, and the photo you took was really nice! (:
    16. Cutty
      Wow, great to see my luck is working well on you this month XD
      Nah, that's your own fortune.
      It's cool to already have a BCC shiny, so not much to worry again since it's the ultimate requirement in the tour.
      Well, I'm not into winning the tour so much, basically just like everyone else, just wanna get as many shinies as I can. And I'd love to have a BCC one shiny too like you, just an easy to catch shiny.
      I'm looking for your other new shiny news in the thread.^^
      No good luck for you =p
    17. Jolteon Jordan
      Jolteon Jordan
      Thanks for the advice to begin with. I usually set in on macro because I remember doing that for the Nikon Coolpix S200. Thanks for the extra advice though. :)
    18. iDatBoi
      wow i never knew illuminate actually increased running into wild pokemon, ive done 2000 so far on my hunt but its still pretty fun to encounter rather than hatching, I've been watching movies while encountering and so far its been very interesting. i just caught a chinchou with the illuminate so now hopefully i can do more. thanks for that tip. ( i also fall asleep when i get to bored xD)
    19. Twilit Dragoon
      Twilit Dragoon
      Congrats on your new shiny Cascoon :D.
    20. LoneStarAkira
      It's fine. ^__^ It made me go back and actually check the encounter rate increase for Magnet Pull so it actually helped!
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