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  • Happy Holidays to (Insert your name here) hope that you have a fantastic one and great luck though out the New Year.

    Know that I’m always here for you all when and need be.

    PS: In the movie Hook Tinkerbell took Peter to Neverland when he was just a baby. So how did he age to be a boy if you are not supposed to age there?

    You've been gone almost as long as I was (and for a stupid reason, but nevertheless). Message me when you come back., willya?
    Hey, I saw you were on when I got on for to reply to a message.

    Its great to see you again. I've missed talking with you.

    Truth be told I do have some psychic powers, but that is neither here nor there.

    Yeah it would be nice if he won, but then it would be me and my brother running the family stores and it would end with us killing each other. I’ve been good thanks I’m in a new relationship now and its going well. Good luck with the final, but I know you are smart enough to pass it. So other than that how have you been?

    Here is a video of my dad giving his speech that he is running if you wanted to see it.


    I'm mostly doing good, save for the occasional cough from running 3.2 miles and back last night until 9:00, and more importantly, it seems that my green card (i.e. ticket for living the life back in California again ~_~) will be out by early next year, April at the latest, so it's all going great. I still have that capped ******* coming around at 10 A.M no less, along with some homework to do for class today, but overall I've been provided with some good news for a change, minus the fact that I received a defunct copy of Platinum off ebay and had to sell it off for under the Korean equivalent of $14, since apparently being played for 20 minutes shaves 20 dollars off its original price. *sigh*

    How about you?
    Hey, you're back. Hilariously (sort of), I misread the T in Darato's name that you typed in to be an asterisk because of the dust that my laptop screen has collected, what's up with you?
    Yeah, I'm semi-busy right now with essays that I have to turn in on Sunday (how unfair is that? T_T) and some work to do, but I guess we'll have the opportunity to speak a bit more after we've got that taken care of. It's my pleasure to talk to you again, too. ^^
    AP classes help prove your advanced by the name alone.

    :). Thanks hun. Yep it will take a lot more then a brian tumor to bring me down.

    Well you really can't say what was off and what wasn't. They did keep somethings true to the story main comics, but at the same time they changed a lot of it around and the game helps prove this point in both ways.

    Good luck with that and I'll see you soon.


    That's because you are way advance then anyone else.

    About a year and a half from now. I'm sure I'll be alright as well, but having five out of six things that show a brian tumor can never be that good.

    The X-Men movie was alright it could have been better if they did a few things better. Showing Jackman naked would have made it the best movie ever; he is just so hot.

    I'm glad to hear it ^___^

    At least you'll get done faster.

    Thank you for your support :) Hopefully he'll win seven after years later be the president. As soon as I find out I'll tell you if it is one i just hope we found it soon enough, but if not I'm not afraid to die. Thank for you worry.

    Someone told me to see that, but I was never a fan of the show so I really don't want to XD.

    I'll try to keep your dragon eggs alive for you.

    I've missed talking with you as well.

    I've been good thanks :) My dad is on the ticket for senator now and even if he is running as a democrat in Utah he has a lot of support. My friend also has informed me some of the problems I've been having lately might be the result of a brian tumor so i need to check that out.

    How have you been?

    That's very sweet of you, and i appreciate it.

    I hope you manage to get everything sorted and i'll speak to you next time you're on.
    I never went to college, i went straight into a job because i always hated school and college to me sounded just the same, so i thought i'd save myself the trouble and just skip it.

    Which classes are you planning on taking this summer Stephanie?

    Sorry i had to split this into 2 messages, because it was saying it was too long.
    Always a pleasure.

    Hayfever skipped me luckily, but my allergy is a permanent thing unfortunately, the only other one i have is Strawberries, i thought i'd gotten rid of that one but i had some cheesecake at work and my face felt like it was on fire, and when i asked what was in it, they said it was strawberry so i have to avoid everything now because i don't know how bad it still is.

    I like all different labs, if i could i'd have one of each colour.

    Feathers are another thing that set my asthma off, i can't have anything with them in, like pillows or a duvet, because it feels like my throat is closing up.

    I did have some fish a long time ago and one of them laid eggs, but before we had chance to take them out, she ate them all.

    It just shows how much he loves animals if he's willing to risk his life to save one.

    I love Scooby, a dog that can speak and they make him out to be stupid, that's a great talent.

    You're most welcome.
    Well on one as great as you has it. Yes it is. You can always wait to the last minute and get it turned in. Don’t talk like that you’d make a fine president :) But thanks for wanting me as your VP.

    Moving really is fun so is helping others move; you get to see all kinds of crazy stuff they have. Oh Sweet Nala you have no idea the kind of stories I can tell. Thanks :D

    What I say about you is a major understatement! The words that can describe what an intelligent, nice, sweet, caring, beautiful person you truly are; you deserve to be happy in life.

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