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  • You should!

    I have a question: if you have a Serebii and a UPN account, are you allowed to have two battles on one site and three on the other?
    I doubt that would happen, especially if you were a good ref, which I think you would be. I guess to counteract that problem you could just not take every battle. I mean, that might get overwhelming anyway. And really, we need more refs, so I think any help would be good and appreciated. (Wow, that was kind of run-on.)
    That's good to know.

    Yes, we definitely would. Especially (as I've said before) people like you who would ref quickly, I think.
    Hm, okay. Does everyone keep track of their SP/TP themselves? Like, is it on the honor system what you earn/if you exchange TP for SP?

    That's a bummer. I hope you can pass soon! I think the PASBL would benefit from more refs.
    Well, in that case you're ahead of me! I'm not sure I understand exactly how the trainer levels work. I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
    Yeah, I read that. I think it's nice that this TO is being used more, since I don't have a UPN.

    I saw that you just didn't pass your ref application; it's kind of a bummer, I'm sorry. Are you going to try again?
    I'm still basically a noob myself... The TO here seems to have been posted in a lot recently. Have I already asked you which site you prefer? (I don't think I did but I feel like I have for some reason...)
    Hm, that sounds fun. I don't have a lot of time though. I guess that's my main hesitation, other than I don't particularly want to make another account. I'm not against it though. I suppose I'll keep thinking about it. Does ASBing move at about the same pace on UPN?
    Oh, that's cool. Are there a lot of people who have accounts on both websites?
    And are you saying Serebii is a monstrosity because it's so big?
    You're welcome! I'm glad I could help.
    Do you talk to people on things similar to the Time-Out thread, or is it more through VM or PM-type conversation?
    I've considered getting a UPN account, but I don't really want another account. Anyway that makes sense (using red type). Maybe I'll start using blue font. It would be fun, I think.

    Okay, it's a little confusing, but you have to get the link directly to the post. You can search the post, but I think the easiest way to do it is to:
    1) Go to the post that you want to link
    2) Click "Edit Post"
    3) Click "Go Advanced"
    4) Click "Save Changes" (I don't think you have to make any changes)
    5) Now once you have clicked "Save Changes" it will redirect you to the thread that the post is on. But now in the address bar at the top of your browser the HTML link will be longer (because it will be for your specific post). Copy this link.
    6) Go to Settings, and use the link that you copied as a Hyperlink in your signature

    That should work, if it doesn't let me know!
    I think blue works best with Lucario. I also like red, but I feel like red is a kind of harsh color to post in all the time.
    Yes, you keep your same squad over on UPN and don't need to resubmit it. Same goes for TL levels. If your TL 2 here you're TL 2 on UPN. PASBL on Serebii and UPN are one in the same just on different sites. Just so you know a lot of the higher level trainers prefer UPN, for various reasons, so be ready for some potentially hard matches over there.
    That's a good reason.
    Ever since seeing Jerichi I've considered posting in a color, but I don't know what color I would use. Maybe blue. Or maybe I just won't. I don't know. *is indecisive*
    Nice. I've played some of Emerald, I liked it. Hm, I think I got Pearl when I was 13 or 14.

    I see you've started to post in purple now!
    That sounds fun! I've never played Red/Blue/Green/Yellow before (I have played Silver). The first serious pokémon game I played was Pearl; I really got into Pokémon in middle school.
    Thank you! I like to switch as well, though I like the avatar I have now so I probably won't for a while yet. I wish I had Red version...
    Okay, I'll ask then.
    Your Jigglypuff avatar is very happy looking :) What category of avatars is it under? (Don't worry, I won't put the same one.)
    Sadly sigs that are approved mid battle even if the Pokemon hasn't been sent out yet are not allowed to be implemented in that match.
    Okay took your DQ match against Takkupanda, please give your DQ orders. If you still have a three mover I suggest you use it.
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