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  • I guess we have to wait and see.
    Do you know if Zero is reffing Keahi as a Quilava? Because on pg. 3 on the second post I realized that he wrote Cyndaquil. I feel like it's probably too late to point it out at this point but...
    Wow, that must have been a little confusing, but hopefully fun. Mine went well, it was a little whirlwind; I visited a college one day, went snowboarding the next, then had a party with extended family, and then drove 5 hours home that night, so it was fun but fast.
    Hey Red, just so you know I'm going to be traveling starting tomorrow so I won't have internet access until Monday.
    I also let zerozoner know, so everything should be fine.
    Have a good weekend!
    I don't know the specific times... I just know that I'm grounded. Ok, thanks, and good luck whatever it is you'll be doing then.
    No problem, that happened to me when I posted a message but it doesn't load so I clicked "Post Message" again, is that what you did?

    About the confusion info- a couple people replied, if you have a UPN account you can read about stuff on there.

    I hope you get graded soon too; fast reffings are great!
    Yeah, I understand where you're coming from there. I wish you luck in getting graded soon, and have patience!

    Thank you for the confusion info, I actually came across that thread in my search and I kind of thought that it was just a reference for referees. But maybe that is all there is... I asked on general questions thread but if no one can answer there I'll just follow your getting-hit-with-shadow ball advice; it sounds logical. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it!
    Thank you for the update! I also have a knack for my battles being skipped over. I think the problem is too many battles and note enough referees.
    And I also hope that you have a great time on your vacation. Don't worry about not being able to post, just be sure to enjoy yourself!
    I would advise getting a new ref since I've exhausted myself of energy to ref as stated in my TA post.
    You're welcome, and thank you for the well-wishes! I had an awesome trip.

    Do you know what happened to our referee? He seems to have disappeared...
    I posted in the Trainer Absences thread, but just so you know I'm going to be traveling without internet access starting the 12th and going to the 25th. I'll look forward to continuing our battle when I get back!
    Thanks, I've actually read a lot of stuff on that website, but I haven't come across direct contact. What category is it under?
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