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  • Red, I have a question about our battle. What does DC Earthquake mean? Specifically, what does the DC stand for?
    The match SPPF PASBL: redpanda15 vs. Lucario188 is a Switch=KO meaning you will not be able to use frigidus again
    I posted here, but just so you know it looks like I'm going to be without internet access Wednesday though Sunday. I apologize for any annoyance this may cause you.
    Well, since I honestly don't know any special rules other than the three that we've discussed, I think I'll leave it.
    Okay, if I have further questions about special rules I'll do that.
    So, I'm assuming at night ice(?) types have an advantage, and during the day fire types have an advantage?
    Thank you! Okay, is there a post or thread somewhere that lists all the special rules? I'm accepting your challenge, but I don't know what "Weather (Frigid (Remember, Deserts are shockingly cold at night !) and Heat Wave only)" means.
    I'm trying to get involved in PASBL, and I was wondering what "Special Rule: Sandy" means in your latest open challenge post. I don't see anywhere on the official site that describes special rules. Thank you!
    If you did really see someone doing this, please let me or another more experienced PASBLer know where it was/who did it so that we could investigate further on it. If it's done in the Squad Submissions thread, it'll probably get rejected, but if it's done like you did in the sigless thread, which mods usually don't look at frequently, it can be overlooked and cause problems later.
    You cannot get a Pokemon to be considered fully evolved unless it is at a level at which it will be fully evolved... i.e. Combusken can only be considered equivalent to a fully evolved Pokemon if it is at Level 4.
    You can try to find a new ref, but that could take longer than waiting for the weekend for me to be able to ref again.
    I need to know what I'm ordering against, right? Celebii will post the descriptions of the opening Pokemon and then I order and then you order.
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