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  • I know right?!? I should go work for Pokemon, now. I'm to innovative for them to handle XD

    I would buy X :eek: no doubt in my mind. I love gen 1 and 2. Also by a mutual region I meant they would both use it. What about the third game though O.O

    In the next gen, they could have 3 games and split it up even better. Game 1 could have 3 gens worth, 2 could have 3 gens worth, and 3 could have 3 gens worth. Perfectly balanced :eek:
    Lol they didn't even have a new system and they did it. Plus they made the graphics better! What of on X you went through the new region, 2 regions you didn't go through on Y, and one mutual region, then on y you went through the new region, the other 2 regions, and that mutual region :eek: there would be a Levites reason to choose one over the other
    That's what I'm saying! I want a game that just goes through each region :eek:

    How bout getting 40? Hello lvl 100's everywhere

    I would have to buy a 3ds. That is the only way they could get me to buy a 3ds. What if it had storyline in each region as well?!? o_O like some main members of the organization got away and your in pursuit of them or something
    Man, G/S is my fave gen, soooo much exploration. I would even deal without the a better storyline for more exploration

    Probs not, just me being hopeful :)

    I don't want to think about it... Pokemon feels like a huge game, but I'm sure there is a way to squeeze in more

    I don;t blame you

    So we could redo gen 3, no probs there imo (not that I'm a huge fan of gen 3)

    Technically that's the only way to fill in all of it

    Gen 5 actually tried to do that? I don't even remember that...

    I legit got the same mon from about 10% up to 30-50% off of leftovers recovery alone about 3-4 times off of predicted switches only
    They could just make the region larger. Have more story and routes than just go so far then beat the E4 and some evil organization. They could involve some side story that develops your character (no way :eek:). Or the rivals. They could have side quests where the gym leaders have gone missing and you need to find them or something. The current cut and paste Pokemon storylines leave plenty of room for more routes to be added in or whatever. Plus, they should have the space to fit in a bit more with the 3DS.

    Also, I kinda liked the Dream World :eek:. Lastly, apparently they are about to mass produce some new flash card or whatever those hacker devices are called :.( there goes the hacker free generation
    I know right? XD

    I know why, I'm just saying if they really wanted to remove all hacking *points at ruby/saphire, shrugs*


    It was more like ~251 pokemon, it's only done a bit more than double

    Orrrrrrrrrrr they could make up something cool and innovative :D

    They probably won't, I feel like I said they might as a joke and we made a legit convo out of it XD

    Me to
    Considering it is all part of one thing and I'm a simple person at times I'mma make this short. I feel you, I understand what you are saying. But if they did take out poketransfer, I doubt they would care about getting all 649 mons on the 2 games. Even when they released 3rd gen and removed the backwards comparability, between all of the third gen games you could not catch all the Pokemon iirc. So why would they care this time around?

    I realize how unlikely this is, but it is all hypothetical
    What do you mean by "professional" and the company does to I'm sure


    True, just a thought

    It would be truly amazing, wouldn't it?

    HUGE MAPS, nuff said

    They probably won't, but man, what if they did
    Oh god no, but if they wanted to do away with all the hacking *shrugs*, you never know
    That's what I normally do, but this time around I was like, I don't care man XD
    Fennekin is pretty cool to, I'll decide who I like more based off of final evo's though

    Probs, just seems like a lot of work is all

    Lol, I'd still if check >.>

    Don't talk about it that way :.( no poketransfer this gen XD

    Watch 6th gen be ridiculously op so you're wrong >.>

    I would do that XD

    I get you, coulda rolled the past 3 paragraphs into 1

    Yeah, have fun kicking everyone's bums :)
    Maaaaaaan, everyone is going to be so nnoyed that they can't have a shiny flawless froakie

    They more or less know how to, it's just insanely complicated and difficult from what I've heard

    I think we are agreeing more than we realize then >.>

    Slimy with a touch of fuzz, I feel ya

    To be perfectly honest, I normally only breed for 3-4 iv's, since the estimated damage difference is normally about 2% from a 0 iv to a 31 iv iirc

    I get ya, I use to enjoy non sim matches all the time, I just haven't lately since I know I won't next gen
    O.O man, I don't have that kind of dedication

    You need help with any of that stuff and I'll see what Ican do

    Well you see, gen 6 won't have RNG, or it will be very difficult. So have fun with all them hackers :/

    I use to make teams and tweak them by using Simulators, then make the actual teams I liked on the games

    Man, I couldn't get gen 6 if I wanted to >.>

    Like I said, can't get gen 6, plus I find simulators tend to give you solider experience

    I did the same thing, I get ya

    You can support whatever you want, it's your opinion :)
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