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  • That no problem at all
    Well I just got back from the VGC and I finished in the top 20/24 :D (out of 327)
    So I'm going to delete my post in RMT now
    Also I wrote down the 2 teams in the final xD
    Riven won again (he is such a idiot) and the guy who came second had a 'restriction' to his team that I'll pm you about when you reply :D
    epic :D
    and thanks very much dude, have you got a direct link to yours? (what page is it on now)
    and you recon to keep the hitmontop and run Taunt over T-wave on Thundurus yeh?
    Pokemon Online is basically shoddy battle, people can run/try teams out and basically its free :D
    See I love (of course I do it's my own team) xD lol
    But I'm always open to other peoples views and options
    Like using it online I don't struggle against sun teams, but I will honestly admit problems against TR teams
    So just trying to swap the Hitmontop out for mismagius/Dusknoir (late hours of practice on Pokemon online tonight then)
    But tbh Hitmontop OWNS most ghost Pokemon that know atR the next turn after they use it, if their 'stupid' enough to use a attack then 1 Sucker Punch and they have been OHKO!!!
    But yeh I'll try and record a few battles on the screens and post them on my YouTube channel (all I ask is you subscribe to my channel) xD sound any good?
    Also you a member of Pokemon online?
    Yeh fair enough :) sounds good to me
    My VGC is this weekend (Birmingham one)
    But I'd be willing to take notes of popular teams/combos and let you know if you want? (whether that would be helpful or not?)
    Nope, none of your posts seem to be deleted. I think Serebii most likely bugged and didn't post the reply. That or you posted in a section I don't mod (and thus can't see everything). But from what I can see you don't have any deleted posts!
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