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  • Well, you never said UU, I was thinking OU.

    And yes, the AI is retarded in the Subway.
    And reading up on Smogon's item dex, it says that Choice Scarf boosts the users speed by 50%, not doubling the base stat.
    No sh*t.
    But even with a Choice Scarf, Ditto still can't out speed most of the sweepers in the metagame.
    Even if the Ditto does get it's Transform off first, your opponent can switch out to something that is faster and could OHKO it with ease.
    Ditto sucks without Eccentric.
    That it's not that Transform's gone, but that Ditto is now a different pokemon. That's what I was talking about, earlier. That's also why Choice Scarf works, not because it no longer has Transform. That was my argument, I apologize for being short, and making for such a long debate. I can't hardly remember why I was angry in the first place.
    Edit: Sorry, Disable can last from 1 to 8 turns, bad information. Still more or less applicable, though.
    Um, sorry "sir." but had you read the rest of that, you would have realized that that did have coherence to this debate. The fact that Quick Powder doesn't work is because the Ditto is no longer a Ditto. This relates to Choice Scarf in that the reason that Ditto is able to use a different move is because it's changed and is no longer a Ditto. Side Note: Also, Disable would lock the move for four turns which is the amount of turns it would take for a Pokemon to Struggle to death. You also never addressed the point I made about a Ditto Transforming into a Mew with Transform. Seems like you're trying to avoid that subject for a reason. I do believe that my argument was coherent, though, if you could not understand it, there are much nicer ways of asking for me to explain it, rather than insulting me. That is another thing I do not appreciate. (Seriously, on a less angry note, I am curious as to seeing why a ChoiceDitto isn't raped by its own gimmick.)
    Ahh yes, because not being able to use a move, and not being able to use a move are completely different things. Sure, Transform disappears, but then if another move could be used, why wouldn't Quick Powder be able to do the same thing? The real reason may be that the Ditto is technically no longer a Ditto, and is able to use a new move because of that. It'd be interesting to see if the Ditto copied a Mew with Transform to see if it really is because the move is no longer there, or if its because Ditto has technically changed out of being a Ditto.
    I didn't want you to use it, then be pissed that your Ditto Struggled to death (because without knowing that Transform worked as such, that would be the outcome of the scenario).

    On a semi-related note, did YOU even know that's how Transform worked before looking it up?
    I'm sorry, but I had no idea that's how Transform worked. See, I'm not one to use gimmicks. As such, I had no reason for knowing this otherwise trivial piece of information. Because, as I said, it has no relevance to me. No one else would ever in their right mind use it, as he/she should know that it leaves him/her dangerously open to a bad match-up or say you DO manage to take out the opponent, when you switch out when they bring in the counter, you allow the counter to have a free turn of set-up, or you lose the Ditto.
    I don't appreciate being called a scrub. Besides, I'm not the one legitimately trying to use Ditto without Eccentric competitively.
    Hey, you were talking about using a Shiny Ditto with a Choice Scarf. If it doesn't have Eccentric, don't use it. With Choice Scarf, you'll lock it into Transform, which it won't be able to use again, and it'll struggle to death. Just thought I'd let you know.
    its actually so ****ing easy. depending on what youre trying to do.

    smogon is the best way to learn it, as they have quality videos and discussions..


    that video right there.. as long as you have a sweet scenter.. can get you any pokemon in the wild [in that area] with whatever IVs you decided to choose.

    took me a day to get the hang of it, still learning.. but its not too bad.
    Of course it's insecurity - I'm a 24 year old person who should have more to worry about than what happens on a Pokemon forum.
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