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  • um keep in mind that you just pissed me off for i have a short temper and the fact that you just acted completely stupid i mean a ****ing 5 year old coulda answered my question easily but you chose to be "enlightened" and thats what you got
    dude do not insult my intelligence by acting stupid you know exactly what the hell i mean but since you decided to play dumb let me "enlighten" you why were you at my profile jackass
    I noticed lol. I decided to go ahead and assume it was doubles. I left a sort of useful rate. I am going to make a better effort after a good sleep. It's 3am and I'm pretty tired lol. I presently have no life, so I'll be back for sure lol.
    Your team looks like it's a doubles team with the protect sets you have. Is that your goal? Or are you aiming for a singles competetive team? I just want to be sure I'm giving you advice / a fair rate for what you are attempting to do with the team.
    Hello, I noted your RMT and I wanted to be a little more helpful in helping you understand competetive play. Most users assume smogon tiers and us Pokemon Online to do combat simulations. I gave you a link to smogon to help you understand how their system works (it's a lot to explain in one sitting).

    Also know there are different versions of competetive play too. Wi-fi is another branch of competetive play that has it's own rules and ban lists and really doesn't have any "tiers" to organize them. One of the biggest reasons why wi-fi isn't popular in competetive play is sandstorm and sand rush Excadrill are allowed. Garchomp isn't on the ban list and Drizzle and Swift swim teams are allowed which make for an unbalanced game competetively.

    As you can see from the little bit I told you, competetive play is a good week of article reading and tutoring. I do believe smogon offers a good tutoring program for those eager to learn.

    I hope I've given you some insight on how diverse competetive play is :)
    ??? What the devil are you talking about LoL , okay quite frankly I see that you still wet behind the ears when it comes to events so no harm at ALL
    Thanks for such feedbacks but this is unfair I mean you traded a legit Pokemon for a hacked one or even edited this is a pure form of dishonesty LoL..
    Today 1:27 AMRedworthy
    Yeah I panicked for a minute, I checked the blacklist thread to see if you reported me. I've never had a problem like this before and I almost flipped out! XD

    No probs though, I still think your store is one of the best ;)
    SERIOUSLY? WTD? No way I do not want to ended it up that way for many reasons here are some :-
    1- I know you like to collect some events and I'm sure you never traded hacked on purpose.
    2- I have seen this Pokemon somewhere else before trading with you and I can tell you have been scammed and you won't scamm the others.
    3- I have had many disputes in the BL thread and I know they won't cause nothing but killing the fun of event collecting or People who battle like yourself.
    Honestly get over it Pokemon won't turn as bad as what those fool think LoL..
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