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    You should see me spam with Lucario! XD I just like specials a lot and my favorite is Lucario's! I also like Snake's grenades though...I spam nonstop with those. Kirby's Special is okay and Sonic's is my second fave!
    That's how noob is...........
    Here's unlock Jigglypuff:
    • Play 350 brawls
    • Beat 20 or more Events after clearing The Subspace Emissary
    • Pass through the hidden door in The Swamp area after completing The Subspace Emissary
    Yea....Yoshi always used skull bash lol. He missed me a lot

    You don't have to do specials too much. If you do same like that, I spam you back =/
    Do you know how to fix my controller?
    Unplug yours. Then plug it back. If it's worked.

    Who's your rival SSBB?

    I never used a shield.
    If you never used a shield, then someone could grab you or smash you to be flying away.

    I really hate spammers =(
    Ah, just tested out the D-pad and it's pretty sharp if you put a lot of pressure on it. But some people are very good with the Wiimote and Nunchucks..
    Well...You aren't well as competitive, are you? Not lucky for Yoshi xD, I shot him w/missile(Grenade Launcher).
    And how did you hurt yourself from Yoshi,Zero, and Sonic? Oh, well you should have some back ups or something.. I suck with the Wiimote :(
    Hello, redx125.

    i thought we were waiting for zero?
    I was on SSBB earlier though.

    Anyway, wanna brawl with me? What's your SSBB FC?
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