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  • ummm...i'm really desperate for a charmander..lol. i can trade you any of the three Unova starters, a squirtle, cyndaquil, and a turtwig. nature and all that stuff doent matter. as long as it's newly hatched.
    Heya! I finally got another deal to make with you...but it is really hard to get sadly...by any chance would you happen to have a seviper or ekans or arbok with the move dark pulse on them? And a gible, gabite, or garchomp with the tutored move earth power? Both moves can only be taught to those pokemon in a 4th generation game apparently, that's why this is a hugeee thing I am asking for...you will be rewarded well I assure you.
    Hope you still need the pokemon that I have! :\
    Heard about you giving/trading Rufflets...I just need one, I don't care what nature as long as it doesn't affect Attack. Contact me, I'll tell you what I can offer.
    Just a bit of friendly advice; your sig is waaaay to high (vertically). You should get rid of some text before the mods eat you :p
    Sir, I think ur sig is waay too long...plz try to put a spoiler thanks (I'm not a mod or anything, just my personal opinion)
    Shinies and Events

    Those are all the ones I have, so when I need to start searching for the pokes my friend wants and if I don't have it, I'm assuming you'll have it so I can offer you another pokemon to complete that list of your's haha!
    A lot is in my pc box haha that's why when I saw your list and noticed I had most of them, I messaged you first thing LoL
    Oh but I'm sure I'll be asking for something of your's again, my friend just got the game too so they want to use me and my pc pokemon to get pokemon for them soon after they beat the game. xP
    i saw your post offering an eevee i can give you a groudon kyogre, deoxys, and a ho-oh

    but i need an eevee with wish, hidden power electric 70 power, and calm nature
    YAY! LMAO glad that worked, stupid wifi haha hope you like the mewtwo, and merci for the two pokes I been needing for a while now :DDD
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