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  • Sorry for the confusion ^^; Though admittedly, this means you have a lot less to give me. No powers list, none of that. All I need is a description of your character's physical traits and personality, so I can best embody their character. And as I said, a list of places in time and space you want to see. You can invent a planet as long as it doesn't violate Doctor Who's established canon (I'll tell you if it does). Also, any event in earth's history, even pre-human, is fine. If you want your character to be present to see dinosaurs, the French Revolution, anything you want.
    Fun matches are fine with me too ;), My team consists of NU pokemon and aren't on lvl 100 yet (thats why I'm asking for Flat's)
    But I dont mind battling OU or RU with my NU poks, they'll be fine I hope lol.

    Ah yeah I see, the vids will be good for new players of the pokemon franchise
    Hey Refreeze, How's life?

    I happen to read you make battle vid's and upload them on Youtube right?
    Do you also upload Flat-rule matches?
    Ah, shoot, I'll have to add that in. The Celestial Tower hasn't been constructed yet - it will be built as a memorial to those who fell during the war.
    My RNG requests are open...just an FYI. Be careful when requesting, kotsy is on a strike streak. And if you're using the sponsorship, be sure to understand it.
    :( God, Luis sorry for bailing once more, but parents banned me once more until AP Exams are over (Thursday next week)...
    Oh gosh, just when my parents started strictly enforcing a No-DS rule during weekdays D: Ugh Im terribly sorry, Luis, can we do it Friday? The reason for this is I got a really hard test coming up, and my parents want me to do well on it ;-;
    Ah alright. How does Monday afternoon sound? The usual time I get on? I've been preoccupied recently with Mystery Dungeon :(
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