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  • It's still time consuming, thanks to timer0 (the parameter that flips and you can't control). I've spent days RNG-ing one pokemon because I get trolled by timer0.
    RNG is more 'difficult' there are a lot of parameters and things to understand, but it cuts down the chance drastically. With RNG I can control: IV, Nature, Gender, Ability, Shinies

    If you look at my shop and my RNG form, you can see exactly what I can control.
    IV checker in the subway...he's the one that tells you "outstanding" "can't be better" etc. Or if it's high enough level, use an IV calculator.

    You don't know which ones will be passed down without a power item. Only the power item is a 'certain' thing unless it gets overwritten.
    Everstone - 50% to pass down natures of whatever parents are holding it
    Power Items - 100% chance to pass down 1 IV. DO NOT USE FOR RNG.

    IVs work like this:
    3 from parent, 3 random, but the 3 from parents can overwrite...so if mom passes down HP and atk and dad passes down atk, basically only two are passed down, hp and atk. the rest are random.
    Oh trust me, most guilds i sponsor don't even know that they can get RNGs from me. PO/PS is just too damn popular.

    Breeding first then RNG.
    Whoa whoa! The DWF ability ratio is way lower than that! It's like 40% chance to pass down the DW ability. Egg groups yes. Ditto yes. Egg Moves from father yes.
    Aight man how bout tomorrow sometime? I'm in us eastern time, so yea. And you don't have to trade me anything good.. I can also give you some egg move Pokemon, I have a ton of those as well. And just a tip if you didn't know, Pokemon have to be male to pass down egg moves so if you're ever trading one to someone, make sure it's male just as dw's should be female. Lol sorry if you already knew that, I just like sharing my vast knowledge on bredding xD
    I know that the Pokemon bred is the same species as the female (unless ditto used) and that DWFs have an 80% chance to pass down their ability, they all have different egg groups, and they can learn moves from the male that they normally wouldn't know, like passing down Ice punch or Thunderpunch. (Why do I keep doing this? I'm so off my rocker today...)
    If you want to learn to RNG, stationary legendaries are the first thing to learn. They are the easiest since there are no flips required. The basics of breeding is also a very good thing to know as well. So, we should probably start there. Tell me what you know, besides the whole day care is where you go.

    Also, as long as you don't trade the pokemon or clone them in any way, AoS members can get free RNGs from my shop.
    I personally don't care about shinies (I feel like getting them with no luck involved just ruins the excitment), but yeah I'd love to also learn RNG IV's, Abilities, and Natures. Although I guess some people might really want shinies, so I should probably learn how to do those as well. (Ugh accidentally posting on my own profile, I'm terrible).
    Well, if you're planning to eventually RNG, use black. I just found out you cannot RNG eggs at all in BW2. Otherwise there is not much difference as far as I know.

    What is your ultimate goal? Good IV, Shiny, Natures, Abilities, all the above?
    Pokemon Center?! You mean the day care? Which version are you planning to use for this?
    I'm an friend of Ex and AoS. If you need help with learning how to breed pokemon, let me know. I'm also an RNGer...and AoS is sponsored in my shop.
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