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  • I've finished the trade with HollowZard, and they've given me the two Froakies. I may keep one for myself in case I decide to do a competition, but the other one is yours It's Timid with Protean, so you can breed it for your half of the shop.
    Oh we're going to be doing this on Pokemon Showdown? In that case then, I will contact him when I return from work today.
    Neither did I xD We'll be fine. I should also keep a queue of orders xD

    But yeah, I've been breeding Chespins. Gives me something to do while I wait for the election results to come in. Virginia's weird like that, does state elections in off-years xD
    Ah, that's right. Then in that case, I have a two other guys I can do some quick EV training on.
    I'm pretty good at competitive battle but the only ghost type that I have prepared for battle right now is a Gengar. When would this round happen?
    Nice to meet you Freeze! I go by Vitals, but Mary or Mikhail works. Any name really works, I'm not picky. Awesome, this sounds like it could be a lot of fun-- seeing that Ghost types are THEEE superior type. Hahahaha.

    I like writing and reading as well! I'm actually going to college for Psychology, and I do theatre as a hobby. Though I love writing and roleplaying as well.
    Blood, sweat AND tears? You're pushing quite an offer--! Hahahah. Nothing wrong with the over dramatic messages! Actually, seeing that I'm just getting active with Serebii again, that sounds like a good amount of fun, trying to build the club back up. I have a good amount of free time right now, maybe we could get around to it sometime, now that vacations and holidays are coming around?
    Fair enough. Once the thread is up, I'll reserve a post for you and have it turned over to you once you're ready. Or you can post yourself, if you prefer. I'll resubmit tonight before I go to bed, hopefully it'll be up tomorrow. If it is, I'll reserve posts for you, Swamp, and a post for SkyPoints.
    Okay, got my list. I'll repost the thread in a bit, once I'm on the laptop. Forgive my earlier rage, turns out it wasn't that problematic. I do wish the mods would either enforce the rules as they're written, or explain better how my thread wasn't protected by the "vagueness in requests is okay" clause.

    Oh, and more good news, Ex finished the banner, and it...is...GORGEOUS <3
    Okay, so apparently we're gonna have to wait a bit to start the Skyforge since one of the mods has decided that the clause in rule 2 that ALLOWS YOU TO BE VAGUE ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR DOESN'T BLOODY EXIST, and posted an announcement to declare as such. So we need to have ten SPECIFIC Pokemon that we're looking for (if you can't tell, I'm not a happy camper about this).
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