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  • Oh hey Regiaz, long time no see. Since you've been gone I've been getting into a ton of RPs in the RPG section.
    Heh, took you long enough to respond. PPP actually died while you were gone, most of us joined TEG, and boby left TEG because he acts like a damn child. I swept his team because I started with a DW D-nite, knowing he would start with his Forretress. So I was sweeping him due to his bad planning, and he ragequits. I confront him on it, and then he ragequits from the clan. He disbanded PPP to join a tournament he never got to participate in, so I'm glad he's gone.
    Depends, are you a bad enough dude to beat the League?

    And don't worry, you don't need to be in Team Enchanted Gardens to be in their League, I'm not in their clan, heck, DarkEspeon is a gym leader there and he's not in their clan (currently).
    Oh yeah, it's a league. I can't send a link right now, but it's not hard to find. Just go into Leagues, there is only one page's worth of leagues, it'll be near the top.
    Hey Regiaz, you should join Team Enchanted Garden League, they have both wifi and PO gym leaders (the e4 have both DS and PO) and since I only use wifi and you only use PO, if we both beat the whole league, I bet we could rule as champions TOGETHER, with me as wifi champ, and you as PO champ! >:D
    Click on your User CP, look under Settings & Options and click Edit ignore List. Hope that helps. :)
    yes because Terrakion is slow. looks like you need a lesson in speed tiers as well. Sadly I don't have the time nor the patience to teach you because it obviously won't accomplish anything. Now I will bid you a good day.
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