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  • lol when something has a greater chance to hit than to miss, it can be assumed to be hax. Lucs also didn't go ballistic he simply pointed out that the miss cost him the match. plain and simple. :)
    lol I just explained why you should assume stone edge should hit xD 80% acc means you have a 4/5 shot to land stone edge. That's pretty good odds from anyoness perspective.
    Nobody seems to be "harassing" you. Two people have simply explained how percentages work. If you want them to stop, ask them to or block them. Please do not send reports if nobody is actually breaking any rules.

    lol report all you want I didn't harass you in anyway I merely pointed out the error of your statement. If you want to run out saying things that are factually wrong be my guest I was just trying to help C:
    since you obviously do not know how chance works, here is some help :3
    chances of stone edge hitting once-80%
    you're welcome :3
    your claim that because Stone Edge has 80% acc you should assume it will miss is in itself inaccurate. As a fraction 80% is 80/100 which reduced is 4/5 which means that in true likelihood of things you should expect Stone Edge to hit 4/5 times. You assume that because its accuracy is below 100% it should be expected to miss but that is a view of error. I hope this short lecture on the basic mathematics of accuracy will help you avoid such judgement in the future and you will not be deemed ignorant by your fellow serebii peers.
    hmm well it's okay... It shakes up and down a little though...

    edit: ok who wrecked my back zoroark...grrr If I was you I might use the original static one

    and I looked up RPG maker and if you want me to try make over worlds and stuf I'll try ^^
    edit:lol it looks funny and it has red hair lol[IMG]

    and finally I feel sorry for you and I hope it's easier to make rpgs in rpg maker than it is in game maker lol
    I have finished a prototype here you go ^^
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